Saturday, June 26, 2010

De-Poting Series: Lip Products

Depoting your lipsticks is not only a great way to condense all those bulky tubes into one flat palette, but you also get to capitalize on the extra hidden product inside your lipstick tube. I’ve seen plenty a Tanty using a matchstick to dig into their favourite lipstick after the bullet has been worn down. It seems a bit crude, but they’ve got the right idea!

Here’s the link to my tutorial on how to depot your lipsticks:

*If you want to get fancy, you can actually order an empty palette from website that will look more professional.

I actually prefer my pill box for a number of reasons:
• Its ability to hold an entire tube of new lipstick. A tin can only hold the amount inside the tube, rather than the entire bullet.
• Its ability to keep the product away from air. The individual covers allows for a more sanitary environment, with a lower chance of the lipstick drying out.
• Its ability to come apart. I can take a quad with me rather than the entire thing, if I know beforehand exactly which colour lipstick I’m going to be using on-site.

Have you ever reached the end of your lip gloss, where there’s just a bit of product left at the bottom that your lip wand just can’t reach it? Before you get to this stage, when you’re about ¾’s of the way through your tube of gloss, try this trick to get every last drop!

1. Heat up some water (on the stove or microwave) and place in a cup.
2. Grab those ¾ empty tubes of lip gloss and plop them in.
3. Walk away for about 10 minutes. When you come back the extra products on the side will have melted down.
4. Take of the wiper on your lip gloss tube with a dull knife.
5. Pour product into an empty contact lens case and cover OR store in original tube in an upright position. The removal of the wiper will allow you to now reach the bottom of the tube!

This allows you to get every last drop of that lip gloss out AND if you use a contact lens case, you can store two colours in one case, saving you lots of room in your make-up kit!

* Don’t forget to label your lipsticks and lip glosses. There are a # of ways you can go about it:

• Use the label your lipstick came with. Peel it off with your finger nail or try steaming it off the same way you’d steam an envelope to loosen the glue. Place a piece of clear tape over it to protect it from coming off.
• Hand write or type and print the lip product brand and name. Place a piece of clear tape over it to protect it from coming off.
• Buy pre-cut blank white stickers and write in the lip products brand and name.
• Use a label maker. Still place a clear piece of tape over it to protect it from coming off.
*Make sure you save those lipgloss tubes to store homemade glosses! but alas, that's another blog.. stay tuned!

Remember—waste not, want not my Glories!

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