Friday, June 25, 2010

Prince Of Persia: Princess Tamina Make-up Look

Hello my Glories!

So I just filmed my FIRST make-up tutorial and what an experience that was! The camera I record with can’t auto-focus. So if I move in or out of the initial spot I focused my camera on, the shot gets BLURRY! To add to the madness, there’s not screen for me to flip out to see if I’m even in the shot, as blurry as it might be! But of course I’m not gonna let that stop me!! I’m still learning out to stay in focus (there’s a lot of pausing, refocusing, unpausing involved), because this particular tutorial was blurry in certain instances (o.k., in MOST instances!), but we learn with time and I know what to avoid for the next tutorial.

It was also another feat to actually do the make-up while making sure I was in the shot and actually seeing what I was doing! Not only that, but I had to place ANOTHER mirror behind m camera in order to see the camera display to ensure I’m in the shot! Have I fully confused you yet? Here’s a ROUGH diagram:

So, as for the movie, I’ve been preaching all over the place how much I LOVED IT! First and foremost, Jake Gyllenhal as Dasan is SUPER hawttttt!! I love the costuming, the mythological theme, and did I mention how HOT Jake is?! I won’t get into more details, because I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s a definite go see in my book.

On to the look: Princess Tamina is rumoured to be “a beauty with no equal” (we have a lot in common). Her character has flawless skin and wears minimal make-up except for the kohl rimmed eyes that are characteristic of her locale and time period. There was one scene where she got all dolled up. Her lids were splashed with deep gold pigment, which is simple enough, but the eye liner brought drama and exoticism to the look.

Upon revision of the look, I would have opted for lighter foundation coverage; possibly a dewy look, with an iridescent feel to it. Something sheer, since Princess Tamina looked as though she had nothing on her face (unfortunately, we’re not all blessed with perfect skin), but the medium coverage I used was a bit harsh in retrospect.

I do hope you decide to try out this look! Good luck!

the original look:
my version:


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