Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Welcome to Aesthetic Glory

Welcome to


Welcome, welcome my Glories!

If you’ve watched my “Welcome to AG” Vlog, you already know who I am and what I’m all about (for the most part). If you haven’t watched it yet, please do so, I’m quite enjoyable! (lol, jk) ;)

Check it out on YouTube:

I’ve had quite an adventure getting my Intro Vlog recorded, edited, and uploaded. On a number of occasions, I did a make-up look (because I didn’t wanna scare anyone away with my real face) and attempted to record the vlog. The make-up look would take sooo long that I never had the time afterwards to record the intro.

Finally one day, determined, I set up a little studio in the corner of my room. With my burgundy paisley curtain as my background, I piled some books on top of a stool, placed my camera on top, added my reading light in the corner to illuminate “the set”, and recorded it! After what seemed like a million takes, a lot of stuttering, a couple of “um’s” and “uh’s” later, I had enough footage to edit. I opened up Pinnacle Studio 14 and edited the life out of that baby. Time to save it onto my computer, so I could upload it on YouTube and ::womp-womp:: the video wouldn’t save!! Hours of painstaking editing gone to waste—to say the least, it was disheartening =[

Then, I got caught up in this somewhat important thing called “my education.” My professors were assigning papers left and right (like I’m ever gonna need to know how to write an MLA format research paper in real life!) ::rolls eyes:: A few papers and finals later, here I am in Trinidad on my summer vacay with a whole lot of nothing to do while Boyfriend is at work. After a bit of procrastinating (the one talent that I’ve mastered in my life thus far), I finally got it done!

Just to reiterate a few things I covered in my vlog, because clearly everyone just loves having things repeated to them twice:
• Aesthetic Glory is a name that encompasses what I do and my YouTube channel will be a forum for my art. AG is about the glorification of ALL things beautiful, including self!
• I will focus on make-up tutorials, nail art tutorials, product reviews, DIY projects, photography, etc.
• Remember to SUBSCRIBE to my channel on YouTube, because that’s where most of the action is gonna take place (i.e. video uploads, competition updates and eligability, etc.).

If you have any make-up requests, tutorial requests, product review requests, etc. feel free to drop me a line in the comments below, on my Facebook page, on my YouTube page, or e-mail me at

I hope you all enjoy my work and stick around for the bumpy ride, I promise you won’t be disappointed!! ::crosses fingers::

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