Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Haul of Fame: E.L.F. Cosmetics

My motto when it comes to E.L.F. Cosmetics: "They're great products... especially for the price!"  For the majority of the commentary (for the most part this is just photos & swatches) please check out my YouTube Channel for my haul video and reviews will be coming as soon as I try these products out!

* Click photos for larger view, as well as, magnification option =]

E: Eyes

  • Eye Shadows

Top: Golden Glow, Moondust // Bottom: Periwinkle, Sage

  • Eye Liners
Waterproof Eyeliner Pen (Black), Liquid Eyeliner (Black)

L: Lips
  • Mineral Lipstick

This is after I depotted them, which is why they look like that lol
chek out the video: here
Natural Nymph, Bare Brown, Cool Coral
Top: No flash // Bottom: Flash
  • Lip Lock Pencil

F: Face
  • Natural Radiance Blusher

Yea, I can't believe I only got one blush either!

  • Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder
I would use it as a highlighter, instead of a bronzer.
Top: No Flash // Bottom: Flash

  • Studio Line Compacts
Top: Completion Perfection, Translucent Matifying Powder // Bottom: Cool Bronzer
I only swatched the Cool Bronzer, because you can't really see the Perfection Complexion colors and well, the Translucent Powder is.. translucent!
Highlight, Dark Contour, Medium Contour,
Blush, everything mixed
Top: Flash // Bottom: No Flash

  • Concealer Pencil & Brush
Fair, Light, Medium
Fair, Light, Medium
Top: No Flash // Bottom: Flash

  • All Over Cover Stick
Top: Apricot Beige, Light Beige, Rosy Beige // Bottom: Honey, Spice, Toffee
Website now offers "Ivory", which wasn't available when I made my purchase.
Apricot Beige, Light Beige, Rosy Beige, Honey, Spice, Toffee
Top: No Flash // Bottom: Flash

  • Clarifying Pressed Powder
Top: Light Beige, Rosy Beige, Honey // Bottom: Spice,Toffee
Website now offers "Ivory" and "Apricot Beige", which weren't available when I made my purchase.
Light Beige, Rosy Beige, Honey, Spice,Toffee
Top: No Flash // Bottom: Flash

Powder: Light Beige, Rosy Beige, Honey // Bottom: Spice,Toffee
next to their respective All Over Cover Sticks of the same color.
The cheese who stands alone: Apricot Beige (circled)
Visual to show y'all how the colors match up.
Top: Apricot Beige, Light Beige, Rosy Beige, Honey, Spice, Toffee
Bottom: Light Beige, Rosy Beige, Honey,Spice,Toffee
Left: Flash // Right: No Flash

  • Brushes
Kabuki Body Brush, Foundation Brush, Concealer Brush

  • Nail Polishes

Top: White, Desert Haze, Black // Bottom: Pearl, Moonslight, Dark Navy
The cheese who stands alone: Matte Finisher
I know, totally not what you expected from me.  I decided to get some neutral colors.
Moonlight, Pearl, Desert Haze, White
Top: One Coat // Bottom: Two Coats
Left: Dark Navy, Black (Two Coats) // Right: With Matte Finisher (Two Coats)
I also bought Royal Purple, but I forgot to swatch it.  I can tell you this much though, I doesn't look anything like the picture on the website.

I didn't take photos of the Brush Holder nor the Brush Belt, if your interested, let me know and I'll put those up as well, but they are featured in the haul video.

Photos and swatches of the Master Make-up Collection will be in a separate blog post for obvious reasons!



I decided NOT to post up the E.L.F Haul Video anymore.  During the editing process, I was boring myself to tears.. couldn't put you all through that!


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  2. Hey chick! this is a great haul girl! right now i wanna change all my sacha foundations and use something else, what are your thoughts on the all over stick?

  3. thanks ro

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    tsahi.. i haven't used them often enough to formulate an educated opinion

  4. I love you for swatching these! xD Thx =)


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