Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yuma.. Ah feelin yuh Vibes!

Like I have Carnival fever...

This is Yuma's first year out and I'm really liking their costumes and their theme: Zodeak.  Why not rep your own sign?  For newbies, their designs are exceptional and the detailing makes each costume look extra lux.  I didn't even know this was their first year (that's the New Yorker in me), so I guess now we can forgive them for not having their website up and running yet.  Anyway, I'm still sticking with my prior Aquarius pick:
The picture in my previous entry didn't do it justice, I know..

And ohhh man if I had the body.... check this out:

And you know I have to rep my own sign or I should say signs.. I'm a cusp baby:

Now, I'm torn between Tribe's Mayan Eagle & Yuma's Aquarius, but Spice's Vines of Syrah still has a place in my heart.

Pictures Courtesy of this Facebook page: Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Costume
Check it out for yourself, they have some awesome close up photos!


P.S. I'm off to play with my favorite type of make-up: PIGMENTS!  So, look out for a new make-up look, as well as E.L.F. swatches.  My E.L.F. haul should be up later today also!

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