Saturday, September 25, 2010

How I Store My Pigments + Haléner Rustique Swatches!

I transfer all my loose pigments and glitters from jars & baggies into pill boxes!  I prefer clear ones that have removable quads.  This particular one I bought in New York:
 To get the product out I gather all of the pigments into one of the bottom corners in the bag in the shape of a triangle.  Then I cut diagonally and use one of the ends to pour the pigment into its compartment.  I've tried many different tactics and this one seemed to work the best.  Pouring from the top just gets the pigments stuck in the ridges of the zippy part and cutting a hole in one of the bottom corners is messy and takes foreverrrr.

Haléner Rustique labels her pigments with round stickers.  In order for me to remember the names of the colors in case I need to re-order, I carefully peel the stickers off the plastic baggie and place them on the back of the quads.  I do the same with the stickers that are adhered to the bottom of the pigments I have in jars:

I store my glitters the same way.  I got this particular pill box in Super Farm at Price Plaza, Chaguanas.  I don't too fancy it, because it's a bit bulky, doesn't have removable compartments, and it's not clear.  Unfortunately it was the only one big enough to store my glitter and leave room for a growing collection.

Here are swatches of all (i hope) of my Haléner Rustique pigments:
Mocha, Royalty, Chameleon, Rustique, Goldie

Sunset, Sparkle, Rock Star, Into the Forest

MAC's Golden Olive, Lightening, Rock Singer, Brisk, Penny, In the Mood, MAC's Gold Stroke, Stunnin

Hot Mama, Tinkerbelle, Pixie Duo Chrome, In the Sea, Diva, Barely There Blush

My favourites:
Lightening, Rock Singer, Rock Star, Into the Forest, Stunnin, and Rustique

They are all swatched dry then wet (left to right).  Bare in mind when looking at Sunset, Mocha, and Barely there Blush that matte colors generally look dull when foiled (applied wet).  And as usual, click the pics for a larger view!

Check out  Haléner Rustique's Facebook page for detailed descriptions of the colors above, as well as, ordering procedure.
Check out Tsahi Baxter's blog and Rhea Ross's Fanpage for more swatches of Haléner Rustique pigments!


P.S. If you want to see make-up looks featuring any of these pigments.. feel free to let me know in the comments below!


  1. Cute storage girl....gosh I feel so bad that I haven't purchased any pigments from Halener yet, but I did order a Coastal Scents though waiting for it to arrive but by next month i'll be able to purchase some pigments though, I'm just saving for that MAC Disney Collection.

  2. Thanks honey! Let me know how the Coastal Scents pigments are.. I only have one =[

    Girl, I'm drooling over that Disney Collection.. but I think I'm gonna have to watch it go by *sniff sniff*

  3. this is so genius...ur make up and ideas are so amazing:)I got to gets me some pigments and pill boxes:) keep up the good work

  4. follow my blog

  5. lovely marsha. when i grow up i want my collection to look like this lol.weirdly enough i did the exact same thing when i got my pigments last week. great minds...!

  6. *blushes* @misty! why thank yu! yea man, gotta love pigments

    gotchu Christianna

    great minds indeed Rhea! thanks much.. i tried to color code but it didn't work out so well lol

  7. Hi hun that pills container is de same 1 I got sadly the compartments can't come out but that doesn't matter to me where I go all my make up goes with me, once I have to go out that is lol... i'm just loving me those pigments woo hoo to Halener


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