Monday, October 11, 2010

De-poting Series: NYX Jumbo Pencils

Hey Glories,
   So after watching some tutorials on YT on how to depot NYX's jumbo pencils using heat (microwave or blow dyer) and seeing how messy it got, I opted for a different method.  Besides, I'm weird about putting my cosmetics in the microwave (even though I have no problem putting my food in there, I know.. double standard lol).

What you need:
NYX jumbo pencil (duh!)
X-Acto knife
3 gram jar

I can't take full credit for this.  Matter of fact, I can't take any!  My loving boyfriend handled the entire process.
  1. Sanitize your hands, tools, and container.
  2. Take off the cap at the top of the pencil.  Mine twisted right off, but I've seen people use wrenches to get it off >_<
  3. Take off clear cap and mush the pencil tip into the empty container to get rid of any exposed product to essentially make it easier for the next step.
  4. Make one cut from top to bottom, being careful not to slice completely through.
  5. Make a second cut opposite the first, also from top to bottom.
  6. Pry apart your two halves and low and behold a long strip of product.
  7. Transfer product into jar.  You could microwave it at this point in order to melt the product so that it becomes more compact when it hardens, but I just smushed it all into the jar with a small spatula.

I couldn't find 5 gram jars in T'dad (go figure) so, I used my Splash jars (from Wonderful World) which originally housed glitters.  I saved them after transferring it's contents to a pill box: see blog entry here.

The pencil fit PERFECTLY into these Splash 3 gram jars.  I thought they were stackable, because there are threads at the bottom of the jar.  Unfortunately, when I tried to stack em, they fit but didn't align correctly and I got them stuck together (which required man power to undo) so stack at your own risk!

Hope you enjoyed this entry and remember to enter my BLOG GIVEAWAY, which ends it approx. 2 weeks!

-Waste not, want not my Glories-


P.S.  I purchased the hobby tool at Excellent Stores in Trincity Mall for $23.95 TTD
P.P.S. NYX start making this in an automatic pencil (like MAC's shade stick), so people won't have to go through all this! lol


  1. this is a greattttt idea, never have to sharpen dem again, and i always love using brushes than pencils...more sanitary.. thnx

  2. your most welcome!

    yep, definitely more sanitary and the jars make it easier for you to see when you need to restock and there's nooo wasting =]

  3. hey Marsha you're a genius.. lol.. i didn't like the idea of it being in the microwave, but i did mine like that anyways :)
    my la splash jars do not stack either... so dont feel left out :)

  4. not me.. Dale! it was all his idea lol thanks!

  5. This is an awesome idea!! wish we could find those lil jars tho!! :) great post hun!

  6. great post marsha! thanks God you finally got your jumbo pencils & thank God for Dale--pure genius lol. i guess he wasn't influenced by the yt beauty world.

  7. well Tsahi, i just used d LA Splash ones from WWorld

    Rhea.. yu hav d boy blushing here lol

    thanks yall! =]

  8. woo hoo just did mine but used the blow dryer i dont have an Xacto or cant find mine, and i used a 3.5g jar and another pencil could fit in there. I was not going to try and use some other knife and cut my hand i'm kinda prone to cuts and burns lol :-) but thanks hun.

  9. lol i hear ya Grace.. isn't it so much easier to use in a jar? i love it.. i'm so overdue for a tutorial its ridiculous

  10. this looks cool...I'm a bit inexperienced wen it comes to the NYX pencils...why do you depot them and how do you apply them after...Thank you:)

  11. hey misty.. i depot them for a number of reasons
    1. they are difficult to sharpen
    2. when yu sharpen it, you loose a lot of product
    3. it's more sanitary in a jar. i can scoop some out of the jar with a spatula, rather than apply the pencil directly to someones skin. (if yur only using it on yurself, this wudn't benefit yu tho)

    yu can use it as a base, which simply gives your eyeshadows something to stick to, as well as, help to amplify the colors

    just tap some on yur lid, blend it out with your finger or brush, and apply your eyeshadow as usual. I usually use a primer under it all though, to help with the longevity and to prevent creasing. yu can also use it on yur waterline to make yur eyes look wider.

    hope this helps! =]

  12. Hi I'm now reading over my could I be living w/o a NYX jumbo pencil in MU world had been rocked after NYX...anywhoooo.....I wanna try this will let u kno how it turns out...but i'm clumsy

  13. yur makin me nervous.. don't do it like this if yur clumsy.. i am too, which is y i made boyfriend do it.. yu can jus microwave or heat it with a blow dryer..

    i just bought some new jumbo pencils, so i'm gonna try to record boyfriend when he cuts it open for me


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