Saturday, November 13, 2010

My First Time... at the Divali Nagar!

Hello my Glorious gals & guys!

I really hope EVERYONE got a chance to check out the Nagar this year.  It was my first time going and it was amazing!  From what I hear, it used to be more religiously oriented and not so consumer friendly, but nonetheless I had a splendid time.  I love people watching.  Sounds kinda creepy, but I really love observing how people interact and the Nagar was filled with people!  I especially love all the teenagers who show up in their best to track and pips their peers, mostly because I can imagine myself at that age and I know I would have been doing the exact same thing.  Gosh, I guess that means I'm getting old(er).....

I went practically every night, except for the last.  I got my mehndi done and buss out of there around 6pm and already people were pouring in!  It was such beautiful experience.  I really love Trinidad during the holidays (any holiday.. and there's plenty!).  The place just feels festive, exhilarating, and inspiring.  As Trini's we really need to be thankful for that sense of community we get during the holidays.. not many places can boast that privilege.  As much as New York is diverse, it makes it just that much harder to unify everyone, because we all have our different customs and ignorances to other people's customs.  But in Trinidad, we all come together during the holiday's regardless of creed & race and it's a truly magical thing!  It's just a shame that we can't recognize that feeling all throughout the year.

Below are a couple of pics from the Divali Nagar.  Enjoy!

Anybody know what N.C.I.C stands for?

Shawnie posin off like a model here, eh?

I always wanted to learn classical dancing.. but I think it's too late now =[

I want this in my backyard! or my room! lol

this was huuuuge.

i ♥ the expression on the woman's face.

i bet you Rihanna can pull off one of those head pieces in her next video haha

who makes these things? so cool!

even monkeys drink soda hehe

mehdni laga ke rakhna..

that design is wickeddddd!

look at food places..

..and look at food!

choka and ting!

even chinese food..

i ♥ shrimp wantons.. these are veggie tho (so i passed) lol

mithai (sweets!)

pepper roti

he's lovin it!

shawnie still have she school i.d. on hehe

MARSHA'S soup.. it hadda be bess!

they don't discriminate..

..they appreciate!

Dale wants this in his future Den smh

Sari's 2 for 150!

The bangles are beautiful, but I want the bangle stand!

These would make cute embellishments to sari's, t-shirts, even purses!
and of course in your hair..

The colors of my room in NYC =]



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  1. Excellent work once again. Detailed, picturesque, informative and entertaining all the way through. If i have never been to the Nagar before this would make me feel like im there.......i could almost even taste d food wen lookin at ur shots!!!!!

    I love this piece and fully agree with yur views here abt Trini's>>>>>>>>if only we cud maintain that vibe tru-out d year


  2. Thank you honey! I appreciate that =]


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