Sunday, November 21, 2010

Festival of Lights Indeed!

Namaste Glories!

Me and my honey spent the first half of Divali day cleaning up.  Mopping, sweeping, dusting, laundry, all that drama.  So by the time 6'o'clock rolled in, we were extremely tired!  I got dressed, while he hung some red lights outside of our home (as seen in my last post) and yes, it's because I need the extra time!  If we both start getting ready together, he always finishes before me and left to wait.  So, I took my head start and while he was changing some of my family members stopped by while I was lighting our diyas.  I regret not buying more, but there's always next year.  I accompanied him and his mother to some family's house where I ate the most delicious food ever!  So good, I didn't even miss the meat!  Astonishing, I know.  After that, I had the itis.  I was ready cap out in d people place, no lie.  Went outside and played with my niecey for a bit (as seen in my last post) then we headed off to Felicity, before officially retiring. I'm told there was plenty traffic, but I can't tell you first hand, because I knocked out on the ride there.  If I show you all the pic my boyfriend took while I was sleeping, you'd die laughing.  He woke me up when we arrived and on the car ride through the town, I took some photos.  I apologize for the blurriness of some.  It's because the car was moving and we didn't wanna stop too long as not to contribute even more to the traffic.

It was BEAUTIFUL.  I've never seen nor experienced anything like it before.  Trinidad is a truly magical place during the holidays.

I want this lamp!

Glories, meet Rawan!

Looks like I know who I'm hiring to beat tassa at my wedding!



  1. u kno I must comment eh....I just love ur blogs:)
    Shame to say I have never been out of south for Divali...cuz we have to visit soooo much family that the time just disappears:(....but we'll hav to try a visit Felicity.....those ppl really went all the way out master engineering and decorating:)

  2. aww Nadia.. i really appreciate the comments! Makes me *smile*

    Yea, we went to one house and I was suppose to go to my cousins after, but I had to cancel, because time just flew by! It was so beautiful! You should def. visit it one year.. I've had lots of beautiful experiences on our island!

  3. Marsha!! I love your pics.. everything so beautiful and colorful :)


    My Stylish Little Secret

  4. Thanks Rosa! it was quite an experience.. i've never seen nething like it before =]

  5. Beautiful........simply beautiful!!!!

  6. i really was a beautiful display! i wanna go again next year =S
    and walk around this time.. get closer shots =]


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