Monday, November 1, 2010

Diwali Mela: Trini Style

Hi Glories,

Last night I went to Dyette Estate's Divali Celebration and totally broke my, lifestyle change!  Freeness nah, so I end up eating about 2 doubles, 2 ice cream cones, a handful of popcorn, half a cup of corn soup (delicious corn soup I might add), and half a bag of parsad.  This is my first Divali in Trinidad, so I'm uber excited.  I've already visited the Nagar and had my pepper roti, but I do have to make a return trip to take photos and.. shop!

Upon entrance, there was a makeshift bar to my left.  I thought to myself: "if that's the case, can I get some meat at this shindig too?"  But seriously, despite the hypocrisy, I was checking to see if I knew anybody in the bunch, so I could get my drink on too!  I know, I'm bad.

My fondest memories of Divali in Trinidad involved Starlights!  The fear of the twinkles burning me, the smell of it igniting, and the way they capture and hold my gaze.. very entrancing!  So naturally, I grabbed like 4 packs when I realized they were handing them out for FREE!  I was also fascinated with the children who were doing all types of dangerous things with fire.  The Savannah was like a minefield at one point.. scary!

So, I took the opportunity to practice on my photography, which got extremely frustrating at times.  Due to the lack of light, I had to open my aperture, lower my shutter speed, and raise my ISO, which really hampered me creatively in so many ways, because my depth of field was shallow, my ability to freeze actions was impaired, and talk about grain!!  Anyway, some of my photos (the decent ones at least) are below and as per usual, click to enlarge.  Enjoy!


P.S. Feel free to leave feedback on the photos and fyi, that last photo is not a "Jesus Saves" statement or anything of the sort.  It's just a picture I snapped while waiting in the car for my boyfriend.


  1. beautiful Photography:) hav an eye for all artisy (not a real word) stuff....I like the one wit the little boy with his starrlight and the deya:)

  2. Marshaaa im so jealous I want!!!! the pics are awesome :) take care

  3. thanks Misty! yu made me blush hehe

    Rosa, yu would have enjoyed yurself.. it was a lot of fun and the best part: FREE FOOD! lol

  4. wwwwoooooowwwww.....blowmind shots.......made me feel like a child again....starlight shots, d deyas and the sharin btween d kids.....yu really captured it.....not to mention the chairplaneeeeeeeeeee!

    this one really came alive!

    you nailed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Great stuff



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