Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nothing "local" about Ms. Onika Maharaj, except her birth name..

Howdy folks!

Oo Nicki your so fine, your so fine you blow my mind.  Go Nicki, yea yea, go Nicki!

At around 8PM I get a call from my boo telling me to great dressed, we're going to the Localize It Concert.  Needless to say it was a rush scene and if you know me, you know I hate being rushed.  Two Carib Pilsner Lights later and we in a gear!  And yes, I drink those things in an effort to ease up on the calories, but Carib seriously.. can we get a little lemon flavoring added up in there?  Anyway, that's an aside.  Why oh why did I drink beer on an empty stomach.  I had to pee at least twice during the performance.  No biggie, but there was so much confusion as to where the bathroom was, which route was acceptable to go to and from the bathroom, and which bathroom was for who!  Sounds confusing?  It was!  And the asshole security guards wasn't making it any more helpful.  I've deduced that they just wait for events like this where they can tell people what to do to go overboard in an attempt to make themselves feel better about having a shitty life.. but hey, that's just me!

Food and drinks was an issue, because apparently you need orange bands to get the goods where we were at and we had blue bands.  Apparently, the VIP section where our vendors were located was further back somewhere in the maze of sections and people, so we opted to stay in the "whatever section" we ended up standing in, because we were closer to the stage.  One of the many times, I wished I was taller.  We stood as close as we could get with actually being able to see what was going on the stage, because it was so high.  The people in front of us were practically climbing the stage, which I'm wasn't down for.. not in the short dress I was wearing!  I wore flats, because I have a brain and I knew we'd be standing the entire time.  Can't say the same for a lot of other females, who just ended up taking them off anyway!

We were there for the main attraction, Nicki Minaj, but managed to get a peek at some of the local talent.  Squeezy Rankin kept it real, kept it funky, and gained my respect 10 fold. I won't get into details, but if you were there, you know exactly what I mean.  The background dancers gave me "body envy" especially the one with the Rihanna-finish.  My girl was working it, not to mention abs for daaaays!

So, minutes to 11PM Nicki comes out, introduced by a female DJ, Diamond Kuts to "Itty Bitty Piggy", a hit from her "Beam Me Up Scotty" mixtape.  Surprisingly, to both me and Nicki, plenty people in the crowd actually knew it!  She the performed to a medley of her collabs and finished off with "Your Love" and her recent single, "Right Thru Me".  Notice, she didn't perform "Massive Attack".  She did her usual signing of the boobs and handed out some Pink Friday t-shirts to the front of the crowd only.  Make that, the first row, because I was in the front and didn't nobody throw a t-shirt.

She invited some people to come up on stage and whine, which she doesn't know how to do herself.  Nor did she familiarize herself with any locations in Trinidad, she merely relied on the crowd to tell her.  And requested to hear Destra, whom I personally love, but hello?  Bmobile sponsored concert... Digicel sponsored Destra?  I still luv her, mainly because she's a woman and she's of Trini decent, but she could have eduficated herself a bit on Trini culture, especially since her appearance at a "local" concert featuring "local" artistes was based on her being a "local" as well. 

She tried to curb her cussing, successfully so in the beginning.. not so successful in the end.

--Lets take a moment to note the Ministry's hypocrisy.  They denied Jamaican artiste Ding Dong entrance into the country, who has sung positive songs like "Holiday" and "Schoolaz", but allow Nicki's "I'm a Bad Bitch" potty mouth to come in to make them some money honey!-- *Moment taken*

The crowd was a bit scanty, so I can imagine how the concert would have went without Nicki's appearance!  But all in all, I enjoyed myself!  I've never been that close to a stage in a concert before and it was an amazing experience.

As for her ass, there is something unnatural going on back there.. but I'm not so sure if it's butt pads anymore (if it ever was).  Maybe she just opted for implants?  I'd like to also note that despite her seemingly bangin body, we never see her in so much as a crop top!  Unlike Rihanna, who is naked all over the place!  Nicki is always covered with the exception of legs and boobies.  Has anyone ever even spotted her on the beach in a bikini?  Her new video leaves much to the imagination too.  There was a few shots of "her"stomach and "her" booty.. but they go by rather quickly.  Don't get me wrong, I prefer her not baring all, even if it's for a personal agenda!  Women shouldn't have to show skin to sell themselves, but that's another aside.

Now if only Melonie Fiona was from Trinidad too.. now that's what you call wholesome talent!

BB pics below, as well as a link to a BB vid of a snippet of her performance.

that outfit lookin uncomfy, eh?

this was during one of her newest collabs with Will I Am called "Check it Out"

her makeup was peeling (look under her right eye)
she should have hired me as her MUA! lol

Bess pic (if it wasn't for that guy's hand)

(Caution: Video will make you dizzy).


P.S.  Her camel toe was out of control!!!!
P.P.S.  Much thanks to Mr. O'Brian Haynes for the comps, who I stupidly forgot to thank in person (not that he'll be reading this, but just clearing my conscience lol)


  1. I laughed all the way through this one...I always admire ppl who can communicate clearly what they feel through writing:) to say Journalist/MUA:)

  2. well misty.. your my new favorite person! thank you SO much! *blushes* that is so sweet, it made my day <3

  3. oooommmmmmmmggggg.......i love this blog.....entertaining and REAL from start to finish!!!!!! Excellent work.........i fully agree with Misty.........full hundred!

  4. Marsha you not easy girl...even d girl "camel toe", lol....but hey maybe she brought her makeup from Wonderful World, since she was down there shopping...they should have taken the girl to MAC!

  5. great blog marahsa. the peeling off makeup was a rel scene tho! what's up with that? I agree it was scanty but i had a great time and i loved the local talent---> big up nebula868!!!

  6. thanks rhea! still sad we didn't bunx up tho =[

  7. sooo funnyy!!!!!! marsha awesome I wish I stay there till the concert :S
    Thanks for your lovely comment :)


    My Stylish Little Secret

  8. thanks Rosa! aww me too, there will always be a next time =]


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