Saturday, November 27, 2010

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DISCLAIMER: The message on my tank top is for ADULTS ONLY PLEASE!  That is 21+ years of age. All you youngins need to ABSTAIN, ABSTAIN, ABSTAAAAIN!

Just another school day outfit.  I love graphic tees!  This particular tank top is from H&M's Fashion for AIDS 2009 Campaign and it was designed by Estelle.  C'mon.. you know, Estelle! "Won't you come over love, so I can show you love.  Promise I got enough to give you all that you need baby.."

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Estelle (or her stylist) adds a blazer and some pumps for a more sophisticated look.  Don't you just love how versatile t-shirts are?  You can go from day to night with the addition of a few key pieces.

It also looks really cute with some black short shorts for a more casual (and less school appropriate) look.


P.S. Yes, those are cockroach earrings! Thelma and Louise (their names) are very dear to me, okay? Heheh I paired them with this outfit to bring out the gold in the girl's shoes and earrings.  Plain hoops would work as well.


  1. ewwwwww....girl I hate roaches...they scare the life out of me....I can deal wit a snake never a roach....btw lucky u to get to wear a top like that to UWI....according to UTT's dress code that will deemed as sexually explicit =D...Estelle's got what I call a 'classic voice'....
    back to the fashion aspect blazer and tee paired with a pair of Levi's(I am a Levi and pumps excellent.....but trying to rundown a taxi library corner in dem pumps (i ♥ kick and stab's)....bad

  2. hahah i hate roaches too! but i hear i used to try to eat em when i was a baby, yuck..

    umm, u kno.. i not even sure if UWI have a dress code hmm i shud look into that, but some guy came to a Women's Gender class with a "Bitches love me" t-shirt so.. i'm guessin we're ok in that regard lol

    i <3 levi's too, but H&M jeans are awesome too.. i love my pumps but NEVER for school and NEVER for traveling, that's jus madness.. CONVERSE ALL D WAY lol (cheap plug)

  3. eat
    well wen u girl was a little slimmer...still tracking de boys and thing...wen to lime...I'll do anything to get a little height head all high den stepped on a pebble....gave de public a kind of weird wobble dance.... I grab a taxi and gone home yes...i feel shame...but it was funny:)

  4. awwwww!! lol at least yur able to laugh at yurself, that's always good.

    i used to live in heels, now i'm way more layed-back

  5. I love the post :)
    and you look super cute :)


    My Stylish Little Secret

  6. cute top.. eww@ roaches i am very grossed out by them and scared of them as all..

  7. Love the shirt, I have to get me one!!


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