Friday, November 19, 2010

Shubh Diwali!

Namaste Glorious ones!

My first Diwali in Trinidad was a heavenly experience.  Technically, it's not my first,  but I can't remember much except for starlights, diyas, and bamboo bending.  I remember being surrounded by complex bamboo structures with countless diyas all around me, lighting up starlights half afraid I would get burned and throwing them as far as my little hand could manage (which wasn't very far, matter fact, I still can't throw very far).  And then there's a video tape of me running around the house in my little yellow dan-dan, click clacking all over the place in my white tuk-tuk shoes.  Other than that, I haven't experience a Diwali in Trinidad for any of my adult life.  And what an experience it was!  It was too perfect for words, so I'll let the pictures do the talking:

my home

My dad's Jandi

good over evil / light over dark (i really love this picture)

my cutie cousin, can't believe we're the same height now.. my how they grow..

need to frame this pic, its my fav!

my favoritest niece in the whole wide world

i look super bronzy.. dunno why because I didn't use any bronzer
(not Dale's best pic, but it's mine.. and it's not his blog, so ha!)

Rajkumari ^_^

A special THANK YOU to my boyfriends mum for giving me these gorgeous shoes!

my Rajkumar!

all concentrating on making his starlight bomb..



..3! Bombs away! (it went higher, but since this was my first starlight bomb, I didn't know what to expect, so I didn't get a good shot)



    my hubby & I made some together this yr...and we experimented by using the colored starlight(red ,Green)....those were beautiful....but really personal Theme for Divali is careless and free....because @ this time I feel like a child again just no worries and just have fun...with my fun snaps, starlight bombs....big hard back like me:)....great article brings back starlight memories:)

  2. i felt the same way! i had my fun snaps too and a couple of simple fireworks.. nothing to hi-tech for me lol

    and i LOOOOVE STARLIGHTS!! my niece was like "omg don't put up any pics of me with starlights, its for babies" she say she friends will tease her lol i doh care nah.. they're my fav thing about Diwali, i didn't even know they came in different colors!

  3. This one almost brought tears to my eyes.........superb stuff....really moving.

    P.S. U didnt put up pics of the lights on d fence :(

  4. brought yu to tears babe? really? =S

    i kno, the picture i took didn't capture its TRUE beauty.. sowwie =[


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