Monday, December 13, 2010

DIY: Hot Oil Treatment

Howdy Glories,

According to, coconut oil actually penetrates into the hair to help make it stronger.  Avocado oil and olive oil also penetrates all the way into the hair shaft, while jojoba and sunflower oils don't penetrate at all.  Argan oil might be a good option, but I use that in my hair after a shower anyway, so I didn't bother to add it to the mix.

I placed a 50/50 ratio of coconut oil and olive oil into a heat safe container.  I placed a cup of water in the microwave for 1:00 minute and placed the container with my oil mixture on top.  It floated, so I held it down with my hair clip.  This method helps warm up the oil to the right temperature and it keeps it warm as you apply it to your hair.

Heating it up will help it penetrate better.  To get a visual on how that works picture placing a string bean in cold oil versus hot oil.  Cold oil will just coat the string bean, while hot oil will actually penetrate the string bean.  The same idea applies to your hair follicles.

I don't advise heating it up in the microwave.  You can't control how hot it may get and if the oil is TOO hot, it will do more damage than good.  And y'all know how paranoid I can be about microwaves (remember, I refused to microwave my NYX jumbo pencils and UDPP when depotting) so, nuff said.

Apply the warm oil from root to tip.  Use the tips of your fingers to get the oil onto your scalp and take the time to massage your scalp as well.  This will help stimulate blood and therefore help stimulate growth!

before oil - with oil - hair covered (too keep in the heat)

You can sleep with it overnight, but I find that is too cumbersome and sometimes messy.  I prefer to just oil my hair in the morning, go about my business and wash it out when I'm ready to shower.  I like to pass the extra oil from the container on my face, eye lashes, elbows, hands, feet, and any other dry area on my body.

I shampoo and condition as usual.  I spray my leave in conditioner and add some argan oil to my damp hair when I get out of the shower and I let my hair air dry:
wet - dry (back) - dry (front)

I don't think the camera picked up the difference (probably because I used flash), but my hail feels lighter, softer, and silkier after a hot oil treatment.  Try it and tell me how it worked out for you!

Check this video out for more info on Coconut oil Health and Beauty wise:


P.S. If your like me, your mum probably used to slick down your hair with coconut oil from since you were a baby.  As embarrassing and greasy as it may have been in our younger days, it's something we should thank her for now!  Sometimes the old people actually know what they're talking about!


  1. Now i dont mind doing this eh, but what about the after smell? Even after regular shampoo/conditioner?

  2. there was a slight after smell... but i have a super sensitive nose and it didn't affect me .. my shampoo is a bit.. strong tho, so I don't kno if it would b the same with regular shampoo.. only way to kno for sure is to give it a try and see

  3. nice Ideas u give me...thank GOD my exams are over so I have time to try these things:)

  4. lucky yu exams done.. i have 2 more =S


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