Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Haul of Fame: Merry Christmas to... ME!

Hey Glories,

The holiday season has got a hold of me and I've been shopping like it going out of style!  Here are my recent buys and first impressions from Wonderful World, Pennywise, and Ambrosia Cosmetics.  I'm not the type of blogger who has patience to swatch every nail polish in one go, so lo siento, but you'll have to wait till I wear them to see pictures.

Wonderful World (Gulf City, Trincity, and West Mall):
Phat Santa, Party Hearty, Jolly Holly
First Impressions:  I was so excited I forgot to check for the other collection I want (Cheers to You).  I wanted Party Hearty more than the other two, but because it came with Jolly Holly, I put back Gussied Up Green which I initially was going to buy as well.

Party Hearty, Phat Santa, Jolly Holly, Frostbite, San Francisco, Zombie Zest, Rodeo Fanatic
(click names for swatches)
First Impressions:  I love the colors (or else I wouldn't have bought them, duh) and so far the color pay off and fluidity of the polishes have been impeccable.  I've seen a bit nail polish crazy these days, kinda sick of the colors I have.  I will update the links as I swatch.

NYX Round Lipstick: Helio, Metis, Harmonica
First Impressions:  I won't be buying anymore colors from this collection.  They are too sheer and I'm a fan of opaque lip colors.  The texture reminds me of ELF Lipsticks in that they are so smooth it's almost oily.

Helio, Metis, Harmonica
Top: Flash // Bottom: No Flash
First Impressions:  I like Helio.  I think I may have trouble pulling off Harmonica.  I bought Metis thinkin of Midas (the Greek king with the golden touch) and expected it to be gold.  Metis was some other dude and the color is not so gold.  At least the lipstick tube color matches what you get on the inside.

NYX Slim Pencil Liner: Espresso, Brown Black
First Impressions: No surprises here, most of my liner pencils are NYX.  It isn't as soft as a kajal pencil, but that's easily worked around by holding it up to a light bulb before application, if you want it to go on softer that is.

Espresso, Brown Black
Top: Flash // Bottom: No Flash
First Impressions:  Color on the liner matches what's inside.

Depotted NYX Jumbo Pencils: Pots and Pans, Gold, Iced Mocha, Dark Brown
First Impressions: Once again, no surprises here as I already have Milk and Black Bean.  It's a lovely creamy texture.  Unfortunately, I depotted them before I took shots, so they'are already in their new home.  I used the same method as seen: here.
Note: I got the container from Claire's in NYC, it originally housed loose glitters which I transported to a pill container as seen: here.

Pots and Pans
First Impressions:  I love the name of it and it's a really pretty & highly metallic looking medium toned silver

First Impressions:  What part of this looks like gold?  It's more of a copper color.

Iced Mocha
First Impressions:  Pretty color, not sure how I'm going to use it yet though.  Suggestions?

Dark Brown
First Impressions:  I think this is a must have like Milk & Black Bean, because I believe in having at least those three colors (white, black, and brown) when it comes to liners, jumbo or not.

#47 Red Cherry Lashes
First Impressions:  Does 100% Human Hair kinda creep you out too?

#102 Red Cherry Lashes
First Impressions:  I don't like that the packaging is not completely sealed and anyone can open it an re-close it in the store and you wouldn't know the difference.  Quite dramatic, I think they'll serve me well when I do my Lashes 101 tutorial since they're big enough for you to really see what's going on.

Magic U.S.A. Baked Eyeshadows
First Impressions:  They come in a variety of 4 colors, I went for the one that had gold and silver.  It was super cheap $12 TTD and I figured I'd give something "no name" a go.  I'm going to attempt a look with these colors alone.

Magenta, Gold, Tangerine, Silver (not the actual names, not sure if they even have actual names)
First Impression:  Color payoff is WOW.  I'm in love with all of the colors, especially the gold.  These were applied dry, so you can imagine how they might be applied wet =]
Top:  Flash // Bottom:  No Flash

Cala Emery Boards
First Impressions:  Cute designs and small enough to travel, which is the main reason why I bought them.  I hate when I get a chip or tear while I'm out and I can't file it down.

Vitale Olive Oil Leave-in Conditioner with Pro Vitamins
First Impressions:  I went in Pennywise looking for my Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-in Spray Conditioner, but they don't even have the Aussie line.  The girls were helping me search for another spray conditioner and I came across this one, which looked like the only one.  When compared to the ingredients on the back of my Aussie, it isn't as impressive.  There's more chemically kinda names behind Vitale vs. the more organic looking names like "aloe vera extract" behind Aussie.  I tried it the other day and it left my hair soft and shiny, but I still want my Aussie back!  (Oh, and it smells nice, but not as nice as my Aussie!)

Ambrosia Cosmetics:
Ambrosia's Eyeshadow Adhesive: Amplified
First Impressions:  I waited super long for this.  I'm starting to think I'm just bad lucky with my orders, because I've been waiting super long for my order from Haléner Rustique as well.  At first I thought, OMG this thing is tiny!  But then I told myself to stop, because at least they didn't use extra materials and packaging (or what I like to call: fluff) to make it look bigger than it really is like most companies do.  I think it's a bit pricey at $9.25 USD (I can't remember how much TT I payed and for some odd reason, the price are quoted in US on their FB site) and for that reason alone, I won't repurchase.  It looks like a depotted Milk Jumbo Pencil to me, but I haven't used it yet, so don't hold me to that.

Model in a Bottle
First Impressions:  Finally!  Because I got this after my Amplified.  I used it once o twice on myself and some clients.  I'm not liking it so far, it feels like hairspray on your face.  This once is the Sensitive Formula and it has a pretty strong scent so I can imagine how high the scent was for the Original formula.

After I play around with these items more, full reviews will be coming.  And who knows, my first impressions of them just might change.  If ya'll are interested in one product over the other, let me know and I'll try to review those first!


P.S.  Have any of you been splurging this holiday season?  I giving all my money to Wonderful World, steups!


  1. very very good post girl!!! i absolutely cant wait for the indepth review. u making me drool over those china glaze nail polishes. going to try the amplified too. and i do have to learn how ro depot my NYX j/p :-)

  2. well show off nah Marsha, lol...real real good d polishes...I just waiting for week before Christmas to go do my last haul for d year hopefully! Don't forget to check Fashionista/Saga Gyal for your OPI

  3. great post can;t wait to see the swatches

  4. great haul & post as usual marsha. lovin the magic shadows too. a must buy if u ask me - cheap and really effective!

  5. Niika - I had swatches of the jumbo pencils, but I 4got to upload them and their already deleted from my comp =[

    Rhea - Thanks! I was really surprised by the color pay off and its so metallic <3

  6. Lol Risha, i now seein yur comment.. cant wait to c yur haul! we still hadda make a WW lime.. just not this year.. i done givin dem my $


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