Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa Baby..

My Christmas Wish List

I'll start with books first, because I have an obsession with them!  I can spend an entire day in Barnes & Noble!  I'll take a Gift Card to that store anyday!:
I love vintage hairstyles! they're so timeless

This is a must have for any make-up mad gal

Skin & Hair Care:

I hear it's good for scaring & marks, but not recommended for oily skin..
for what I hope is an obvious reason

I've heard nothing, but good things about this

I've heard that the Hot Cloth Cleanser is wonderful!

Great for removing make-up

I've gotten good reviews on this.  Women have seen instant results

This has gotten great reviews as well
This was all the rave amongst the celebrities awhile back, not that I care.. I'm just saying ^_^

I already use Moroccan Argon Oil in my hair and it does me justice, I figure this will too

M.A.C.'s Goldmine Eyeshadow

Sugarpill's Bullet Proof Eyeshadow

Graftobian Cream Foundation Set & the HD powder (not seen in photo)
Kryolan's Fixing Spray

An assortment of brushes from Crown Brush, I can never have too many brushes!

I saved the best of last:
Most important on my list!

I probably need to win the lottery for all this stuff! OR work hard and acquire it when I can!  Now tell me, WHAT'S ON YOUR CHRISTMAS WISH LIST?!


  1. wow girl you made my list look so superficial!!! ha ha i like the last one, most important :)

  2. girl.. my entire list is superficial.. all beauty related products lol i'm terrible

  3. I didn't have a list till now...I want that Bobbi Brown book...Just to add to the review...Moroccan Oil I have, It I use it and it's GOD SENT to my own way hair...$240 a bottle by my hair dresser and all u need is a dime size drop...love it:)

  4. yea i LOVE it.. but i use way more than a dime size.. maybe i shud cut back?

  5. i have goldmine its pretty but i want gorgeous gold and all of sugarpills pressed shadows and maybe goldilux loose shadow...think im gonna order them after christmas. And shoes!!!

  6. yea.. goldilux is pretty and sugarpills eyeshadows are sooo pigmented and delicious!

    i hear ya.. a gal can never have too many shoes ;]

  7. hey Marsha I picked up Bio Oil @ superpharm for about $110 about 3/4 months ago. It's been working on pimple scars on my face. only works after about 3 mths though. Honestly i've been putting off that review so so long :-(


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