Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tap Water vs. Bottled Water

Meet my new refillable BPA-free water bottle with a replaceable filter:

I also got a BPA-free food container after reading the scary notice in UWI's Guild office, where I heat up my food about the dangers of heating food and freezing products in plastic containers:
I love the little compartments.. no more soggy rice!  Food doesn't stay put in their compartments completely, but the compartments help me with portion control.

My boyfriend's take is "Gosh, everythinggg causes Cancer!"  While, it may get frustrating hearing about the harmful chemicals and toxins in our everyday products, we need to pay attention.  Companies are going to continue to do whatever they want, as long as we stay silent and say nothing.  Not to mention how conniving their advertising techniques are!  They practically brain fvck you, pardon my French.

Check out these YT vids: (c'mon ppl, I can't spoon feed you ALL the info)

I've ALWAYS hated Evian and Fiji for as long as I can remember.  I swear it tastes like spit (yuck).  When I watched this 20/20 segment on bottled water, I was too surprised to see where Evian placed in the taste test

You try to reused water bottles to be environmentally friendly and resourceful and you end up putting yourself at risk.

Basically, BPA = bad & Beverage Companies = Swindlers

Verdict: THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BOTTLED WATER AND TAP WATER. Except, maybe in Trinidad where brown water sometimes flows from our pipes!  But for the most part, New York water is safe to drink!  But Trini's, that doesn't mean buy bottled water and feed into these companies bullshit nor harm the environment and yourself.. invest in water filters for your pipes and mugs for your fridge.  At the end of it all, you'll save money anyway!


P.S. The water bottle, filter replacement, and food container were all bought at Excellent Stores in Price Plaza.
P.P.S. I do though have a weakness for Sparkling water.. simply because it gives me the bubbles (carbonation) that I get in soda which I seriously cut back on!  I only have Coke when I eat a Mario's pizza... speaking of which.... 662-KING.. I'd like to order a medium 8 slice with..............

DISCLAIMER: I do believe however that "GOING GREEN" is being capitalized on as with everything these days.  For example: Organic products cost more.  Health conscious products cost most.  Eco-friendly bags that come in an array of designs is practically being manufactured by everyone... just to name a few.  Unfortunately, such is life.


  1. girl doh get me started bout water... right now WASA playing de fool by me....I think toteing a water bottle water in trini is a fashion statement...look @ me I can afford to buy free water in a bottle....lmao....looke let me hush yes I does do it to...will look @ the vids soon...thanks for the info chick:)

  2. if yu watch any.. check out the first 1 and the 2nd is pretty good too

    WASA playing around on my end too, steups

    I only buy bottled water when we eating out, since I cutting back on the juices and sodas, other than that we have the filer mug and well my filters water bottle

  3. You said something about a notice in the guild office. May I ask about what?

    I use water from home but I have a filter so all my water that I drink is clean.

  4. It's in the room with the microwave.. it just states some of the dangers of freezing water and microwaving food in plastic containers

    Good for you! =]

  5. Oh okay. I try to bring water because I know when I come on campus and I am thirsty I will end up buying soft drink because sometimes it ends up being cheaper to buy that than water.


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