Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lacquerazzi // Double Layered Goodness!

Hello Glories!

I remember back when I was 18-19 or so, I used to get my nails done religiously like every 1-2 weeks.  I'm talking about mani's, pedi's, tips, silk wraps.. you name it!  I would even go in just to get a color change; something I could have very well done myself.  Now I have more sense (hopefully) and I do my own manicures.  Notice I didn't say pedicures.  My feet are in a hot mess, but alas I can't reach, so I don't bother!

Anyway, back to the story.  Me and my bestie at the time used to try different places in hopes of finding consistent nail lady to go to, similarly to my futile search for a hair lady.  One day, we came across a small nail salon around my neighborhood.  I've noticed it before, but I never paid it any mind, because I was used to going to the places with countless employees and an abundance of nail stations and pedicure tubs and things like that.  This salon had one little Asian lady.  She had 3 stations, which to this day I can't understand why, because she was  ONE.  SOLO.  BY HERSELF.  My friend suggested we try her out to which she got a outraged reaction of "Vicki?  What kind of name is Vicki's for a nail place?!?  She clearly doesn't know what she's doing!"  But, we went in anyway and tried her out despite my obvious reservations and verbal protests.

Turns out Ms. Vicki was pretty good.  The only problem was we could never get our nails done together, since she was a solo act.  It was time consuming and it kinda took the fun out of it.  There was a mysterious "other employee" we kept hearing about, but we never saw her.  Urban legend.  So, to the point of my little memory lane tale:  Vicki had a thing for layering nail polishes.  None of the 1021348743 nail places I've been to before her have ever done that.  Sounds simple enough, but I don't know why I never thought about doing it Pre-Vicki.  Layering polishes comes in handy when you want to 1. create a unique color or 2. when your dealing with sheer polishes that need 2394813298 coats to show up.

But enough talking, the photos shall demonstrate:

China Glaze // Jolly Holly (Christmas Collection)
NO flash // WITH flash
Dark forest green, slightly metallic.

Sinful Colors // San Fransisco (Solo 2x)
WITH flash // NO flash
Sparkley emerald green, sheer.

China Glaze // Jolly Holly (Base)
Sinful Colors // San Francisco (Top)
NO flash // WITH flash
Beautiful deep emerald green, sparkles like the actual jewel, not that I know how an actual emerald would sparkle, (it's just an educated guess) but it sure does dazzle the eyes.

Sinful Colors // Neon Melon (Solo 2x)
WITH flash // NO flash
Dries matte for some odd reason.  Looks like toxic mucus.

Sinful Colors // Neon Melon (Base)
ELF // White (Top)
NO flash // WITH flash
Looks really yellow in the photo, but trust me when I say it's a bright highlighter yellow.  The only danger is in the white base.  If it goes on splotchy, the yellow will look uneven as well. 

China Glaze // VIII (X Collection)
KleanColor // Mermaid
Sinful Colors // Pearl Harbor 
(L - R)

KleanColor // Mermaid (Solo 2x)
WITH flash // NO flash
Pretty pearlized duo chrome blueish purplish, somewhat sheer.

ELF // White (Base)
KleanColor // Mermaid (Top)
WITH flash // NO flash
Ideal bridal color.  The picture doesn't do this any justice, because I would seriously wear this on my wedding day.  As it catches the light, it reflects the blue & purple tones and looks absolutely radiant.

China Glaze // VIII (Base)
KleanColor // Mermaid (Top)
China Glaze // Pearl Harbor (Ring Finger)
Gorgeous pearlized sea foam green color.  To prevent the dark base polish from peeking through on the sides, you can paint it on a smaller space on the nail bed.  This way when you paint the top layer over, you can bring it out further and completely cover the base.  I personally thing the dark edges gives it a nice dimension.  The glitter polish is breathtaking over dark polishes as well.  It reflects royal blue and teal glitters in the light.

Happy Layering folks!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas Etcetera: Acceptance

Hey Glories,

I know, your like "Why the heck she still doin Christmas articles?!," but I promise, this is the last.  I'm really having a hard time letting go, because Christmas is my favorite holiday.  That hasn't always been the case, I've spent many a boring Christmas in New York, never really looking forward to it as I anticipated the disappointment that never failed to come.  But, thankfully Christmas 2010 has been a blow mind experience.  From decorating to my Dutch (Potluck) Party, everything has been magical.  I believe the tradition is to put up the Christmas tree on December 6th and to take it down on January 6th.  My tree went up on time, but stayed up long after January 6th.  Partly because of laziness, but mostly because I didn't want to accept that Christmas was over.  All the preparation and baking and organizing and paranging.. done.  Fin. Finito.  Hasta luego.  Adios.  Arrivederci.  With a little bit of Dale's coaxing, I finally decided to sit down one sad day with one last glass of Punche-de-creme (alcoholic Nadia, very much alcoholic) and start un-decorating.

My Christmas Ham (first year making it).

It's suppose to look like mistletoe.

I decorated the wreath myself.

I decorated the hutch and t.v. stand with these.

I even put the ribbon around the freezer door handle.

My stocking and Froggie.

Dale's stocking and Piggie.

Our beautiful Christmas Tree.  I experimented with a prolonged shutter speed here and I love the twinkles I got from the lights!

Purple: My favorite color.
Green: Dale's favorite color.
See?  Compromise is beautiful after all!

Presents under the tree.

These are my most dearest ornaments on the tree:
The sparkle on these glittered-down snowflakes as the light catches them was mesmerising.

The rainbow effect you get with these iridescent bulbs will go with any tree decor.

Kiss me Kermie!  Her arm broke off last year Christmas.  Tragic, but she's better now.

Santa Kerms.

A very special ornament from a very special person.

That last glass of Punche-de-creme.  Cheers to acceptance!

Sayonara Christmas!  Until next year...


Thursday, January 20, 2011

I don't pay for ATTITUDE.

Hey Glories!

As many of your know, after long speculation and deliberation, I decided to change my look and yesterday I finally went through with it.  Because I'm new to T'dad, I don't have a hairstylist and I'm so anal about my hair, as most girls are, and I really didn't know who to turn to.  I got some great recommendations from some great people, but  I more regularly see gals with long hair in T'dad.  As much as their hairdresser might do awesome job on them, they might not work for me since my cut is so short.

Kismet is a beautiful thing.  Randomly while waiting in Chaguanas Health Center for a family member, a girl with a really spunky short haircut came in and I asked her for her stylist's number.  I made an appointment with her lady, Marcia, and decided to let her color my hair too.  When I got there, Marcia was honest enough to tell me she didn't have the color I wanted and didn't, as Dale said he would have done if he were her, mix up a lil something and try to pawn it off as what I asked for.  I went through with the haircut anyway, which took no time since my hair was already practically in the cut I wanted.

My last two experiences at the hair salon in NY were a bit traumatizing.  Neither hairstylist give me what I wanted, even though I brought pictures.  And I don't know how it works in the hair business, but as a make-up artist, bringing me a picture is the best thing you can do!  It's so much easier to replicate than to do guess work.  I even had a hair dresser tell me that some people come in there wanting to look like Beyonce, but can't because they don't have the amount of hair that Beyonce does nor her features.  Well honey,  I don't want to look like anyone but myself and I have a full set of hair to work with (at the time I went to her, it was practically down to my butt) so, what now?

The first thing Marcia asked was if I brought a picture of what I wanted and used it as reference while she cut my hair, which I genuinely appreciated.  For the most part, my experience with Marcia was a pleasant one.   She's not too talkative and didn't try to force awkward conversation like some people do.  There wasn't too much of a "connection" but she didn't irritate me, which is the more important thing to me out of the two.  I was a bit upset I didn't get to see exactly how the cut looked, because it didn't make sense to style it (and pay to get it styled) to just get it wet in the dying process I was going to undergo later that day.  But that wasn't Marcia's fault, it was my own for choosing to cut before color.

 I really had my heart set on being blonde that day.  I was really looking forward to it since the moment I made the appointment, so out of desperation I decided to try Cecelia's in Price Plaza.  I went there to wax once and the girl was pleasant enough even though she zugged up my eyebrows.  I don't know what I expected from her when her own brows were too overdrawn, heavy, and square.  And mind you, she double dipped the wax, which is unsanitary, but at the time I needed the job done, similarly to my current situation where I just wanted to get my hair did!

I walked in and the owner, Cecelia comes towards me, coffee in hand and I tell her that I want to DYE my hair.  She looks to me with a wry face and says "Oh, you want to COLOR your hair."  Right at that point, I should have turned around and walked out, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt.  Some people are passionate about what they do and my baby says I have trouble taking correction, so I controlled my emotions and didn't take offense.  Let's continue.  So, I show her the picture of what I wanted and she goes off on a tangent about how difficult it is to strip black hair to platinum blonde and the color I will get will depend on how strong my scalp is because some people's foreheads swell up.  Not only that, but because I have some blonde already in my hair, those pieces are going to melt away and I'm going to get breakage.  She made it sound as though the bleach was so toxic that it was going to burn my skull to the point that she was going to have hose me down, roll me on the ground, and then throw sand on my head to cool it down, because my hair was going to catch a fire during the process.  Then she continued to ramble on about how difficult it is to take care of blonde hair and how frizzy and ghastly it would look if I didn't make regular trips to the salon (her salon) to ensure that I keep it looking lux.

She pretty much shot down my hairstyle aspirations; the hairstyle I've been dreaming about and contemplating over for months!  Now, I'm not saying that what she said was wrong in anything that she was saying.  I've seen enough models crying when getting their hair bleached on Top Model to know that it's difficult to get dark hair light.  It's not by any means what she said, it's how she said it.  She took on the most condescending, uptown, fresh water Yankee, I'm-superior-to-you tone that anyone has ever spoken to me in.  Especially, an anyone I'm about to give my money to.  Just because you use big words like "oxidation" doesn't mean that you have the right to speak to me like I'm inferior to you.  And she did this for about 10 minutes, without so much as offering an alternative to what I wanted.  Just continued to blab about how difficult it would be to achieve and interjected and interrupted every time I tried to get a word in.

I tried to maintain a happy deposition, because I really wanted my hair done and even after she quoted the $1050 TTD price to do whatever it is she was going to do (up to this point, I'm still not sure), I still proceeded to her washing station.  Yes!  I said ONE THOUSAND AND FIFTY TT DOLLARS to dye (not color) my hair.  I sat down in the chair and her workers scramble around me awaiting their queen's orders.  She starts belting them out without even clarifying to me exactly what she was about to do.  As for her minions, they dissected my hair, parting it, and mumbling insulting things as they went.  When I restated to her that I wanted the sides of my hair darker, she looked at me like I was telling her this for the first time.  She told her man-bitch who sits at the front desk to "bring the calculatooooooor" and added another $200 TTD to the already hot price tag.  I almost lost my cool at this point, because as I'm trying to explain to her that I'm not sure if I want to go through with something different since it took me so long to decide on this particular hairstyle in the first place, she sneered "Well, I'm trying my best to work with you here."  Yes, emphasis on all those words.  Don't do me no favors.  I got up, took my purse, and left.

She doesn't listen.  She just talks and talks and talks, probably because she likes the sound of her own belittling voice.  She reminds me of a female version of Jorge (played by Kevin Bacon) in Beauty Shop.  

I was upset.  Very upset.  Dale tried to calm me down and make suggestions as to what I should do.  I had my heart set on getting my hair done and I didn't know where to go.  Suddenly, I remembered my cousin's wife.  I saw her last week and remembered liking her hair color, so I gave her a call.  She gave me the number to her stylist, Diane who was able to take me that very day.  So, I went to her and explained the situation, showed her the picture, and she very sweetly came up with an alternative for me and before doing anything, she explained precisely what she was going to do.  She's very humble, down to earth, friendly, and kind.  And wanna hear the ironic part?  Cecilia trained her and she used to work with her for four years.  I won't go into the beauty salon gossip on CeCe, but I'll just tell you, I wasn't surprised by anything I heard.  That lady is seriously ego trippin.  Anyway,  I finally got my hair did and left Diane's salon feeling brand spankin new!

Would I go to Marcia's again?  Yes.
Would I go to Diane's again?  Definitely.
Would I go to Cecelia's again?  Not if it was the last hair salon standing in Trinidad AND Tobago.

The NEW (and satisfied) me!

Mid Centre Mall, Chaguanas

Behind First Citizens Bank, Chaguanas

Make sure you tell them Marsha sent you!


Truth About Christmas

Have you all seen these videos?  Thoughts?

Does this change your view on Christmas or do you take up the attitude Baron does in one of my favorite soca parang songs, "Christmas Again":
               "They say that Christ didn't born on Christmas Day
                They say that is a pagan holiday
                I say, no way!"


Monday, January 17, 2011

Island Hiker: Double River Falls

Hey Glorious Ones,

Yesterday, Dale and I went hiking with Island Hikers for the 2nd time.  We get periodical e-mails about upcoming hikes and I haven't been on any since my first experience last year Easter vacay.  Island Hikers has a rating system that forewarns tentative hikers of the difficulty level.  I must say, their rating system is taaaad bit distorted.  I want to know designates the rating for each hike and I wanna have a serious talk with that person!  This hike was rated 2 Easy (family hike) and that was a damn lie!  I was going to bring my mother and badly out of shape cousin on this hike, but they both would NOT have been able to make it.  The hike was short compared the a rated 4 hike I experienced the first time, but the mud and inclines and heights made it difficult for me.  The trail was extremely muddy, causing me and many others to slip, slide, and sink!  The final leg, just before the waterfall takes you up a sharp incline and apart from the fact that I'm not a good climber, I'm not too fond of heights.  I wouldn't go so far to say I have a phobia.. well, maybe an acute phobia, because I get freaked just waiting on the platform for the train in NY when I get too close to the edge.  Needless to say, my heart was palpitating on the way up as I was praying I wouldn't slip and fall to my untimely death or possibly severely injure myself, like fracture a rib or break a leg or some other important body part.  Just after the sharp incline is a steep plunge.  We actually had to use rope to get down.. really scary business.  In the video, you can hear people screaming........

The description I got in my inbox was something out of a tourism book, eg: "This pristine landscape with streams flowing from some of Trinidad's highest mountain ranges of El Cerro Del Aripo and Mt. Bleu can boast of having eleven waterfalls."  I also wanna have a talk with the person who writes this stuff and pat them on the back!  Their descriptive words make my imagination run wild and I always end up picturing it to be more grandiose than it ever really turns out to be.  That isn't to say that it isn't a "pristine landscape with streams flowing," it's just that it never looks the way I picture it.  Maybe I just have a fervid imagination or maybe the power of descriptive words is really just that compelling.  Either way, the landscape is breathtaking beautiful, not that I paid much attention to it.  I was too busy looking at the ground, making sure I didn't loose my footing, to really take it in, except during the rare moments when the group came to a standstill.  Ask me what the trail looked like and I can give you vivid details!

There was about 120 people on this hike, a bigger group than the last time, but I must say, they were much more friendlier this time around.  The first time I went, people sort of just stuck to their own cliques and whoever they came with.  This time around, people were much more talkative, helpful, and friendly.  The girl in front of me offered a helping hand countless times and I met a Filipino guy while sitting under the waterfall.   Not everyone went in the water, but those people really missed out!  All together, it was a life changing experience and I exaggerate not.  The waterfall was gloriously majestic and that trip put a lot of things in perspective for me.  If they ever revisit Twin River falls, I'd definitely go again.

Would I hike with Island Hikers again?  Yes, and for 4 reasons:
  1. I don't know any other hiking group to go with except UWI's.
  2. UWI's hiking group has been corrupted.
  3. I enjoy hiking, because it allows me to surpass my girly-girl limits and accomplish things I wouldn't normally attempt on my own or have ever had experience with.  I even did a belly flop off the side of the cliff!!!
  4. I'm slowly becoming more familiar with the Hike Leaders and for the most part, they're fun, helpful, and down to earth (they better be, their hikers! Haha, get it?) with the exception of one rotten seed that I encountered.
I've posted the footage from my trip on YT as a segment I like to call "D Beautiful Life."  Anyone interested in hiking, lets go together and have some fun.. just as long as it's a 1-4 rating, because I'm not fit enough for anything higher than that.  If you haven't hiked before, I highly suggest you do try it.  At the completion of which, you'll be a changed person.  You would have accomplished something worth accomplishing, possibly something you never dreamt you could do.

If interested, contact Mario: 749-2956 or email them at to join their mailing list.


P.S.  Now, I'm really excited to get some cute hiking gear!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby Making Time!

Hey G's,

I've finally started working on my baby: my portfolio!  As I've mentioned before, I'm very interested in photography and like to consider myself an amateur photographer.  I'm ONE bad ass chick armed with ONE lens, NO equipment, and a vision!  It's just me and my Camie!  That being said, I decided to take my portfolio shots into my own hands.  My favorite model, Shawntelle Syriac, came over the other day and we had some photo shoot fun!  I did three looks on Shawntelle and we took 3 sets of photos.

I'll be the first to say in my Bruce Paddington voice (he was my Intro to Photography lecturer) that "some of these photos are a bit soft in the eyes and face."  Other than that, I love em.  Shawnie was an awesome model to work with.  Her poses were on point, she came prepared with outfits, sat still as I perfected and tweaked, and not to mention, she's gorgeous!  Below are 3 shots from each of the 3 sets.  I couldn't pick favorites, but these come close!

To view the rest of the sets, check out my FB page: My Portfolio: Glitz & Glamour

I did the do too! It's supposed to be like a curly faux mohawk.  I like how it turned out.


P.S.  Who will my next model be? Volunteers?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wedding Crashing: Seema & Shane

Hey Glories,

I recently went to my first wedding of the new year.  Naturally, I didn't know the bride nor the groom, so we can safely say another episode of Wedding Crashers has been posted on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.  This was actually the reception and the hall was beautiful.  The decorations were really lovely, I mean hello!  The color scheme included purple!  Why wouldn't it be lovely?  I had an okay time, Dale didn't wanna dance so we kind of sat the entire night.  The food was yummy and they had an *open bar* (oh yea!), but I'm seriously watching my calorie intake so I didn't really indulge.  I loooove weddings.  It's a celebration of love and I always manage to tear up, at every single wedding I attend, even if I don't know the couple personally.  And weddings are great for people watching!  Everyone is all decked out and on their best social behavior, I love it!


the beautiful bride and her father

back of the dress

check out these handsome guys!
BB pics:


the cutest couple that attended


P.S.  Congratulations to Seema & Shane (even though you don't know me), I wish you a very happy and healthy life together!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Maroon 5 Experience

Hey Glories,

I was graced with the lucky opportunity of attending the Maroon 5 Concert in Trinidad, all praises due to Dale who got us the tickets.  And not only did he get us two platinum V.I.P. tickets, but he also got 2 tickets for 1 of my lucky YouTube Subscribers.  There was some issues with the giveaway.  It was done really last minute, because that's when I obtained the tickets and due to the time constraints, I put a time limit on when the winner of the tickets needed to contact me by.  Unfortunately, the initial winner contacted me a bit too late and I had already picked another winner and posted that video, so she didn't get to go.  Again, I'm really sorry Nefy!

The concert was awesome, but can I tell you a secret?  I'm not really a Maroon 5 fan.  I know!  *GASP* *FAINT* But it's the truth.  I really just went to support Dale since he was so siked about going.  I did end up having a good time though, despite the rain!  You all should have seen my make-up by the end of the night, not pretty!

The venue was really organized, there was no drama with getting to the toilets, bars, eating stands, etc. like there was with the Localize It Concert.  And there were gynormous Guru dogs all over the parking lot, so you had to feel safe.  Only thing, as usual, was the lack of preparation for rain.  The highlight of my night was the awesomely cool Carib glasses we got when we bought beer!


P.S.  Sincerest apologies to anyone whom I may have bopped on the head with my B-Mobile Styrofoam wavy thingy!  It may have been intentional.. I'll never tell! =X

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Etcetera: Tree Decorating is the New Paranging

Seasons Greetings Glories!

That's right, I'm not just yet ready to let go of Christmas!  This Christmas, we surprised Boyfriend's Mum with some new decorations to dress up her tree.  The tree needed LOTS of love and we sure showered it with love.  The fancy bow was Dale's idea, I just implemented it.  And it was his mum's idea to add the snowflake in the center of it.  The snowflakes were my favorite ornaments of all.  They were covered in glitter that sparkled and shined when the light hit it, really beautiful.

Gorgeous, huh?

Love the ribbon!

the wreath

family portrait
bet you wish you knew what the joke was.. =X


P.S.  If you require our decorating services next year, please be advised that we work for ham and punch-de-creme!

For my readers who don't know what Paranging is, read this:

The term ‘Parang’ is the Trinbagoian interpretation derived from the Spanish word parranda. Parranda is actually the action of merrymaking and also refers to the group of carousers who serenade. However, in Trinidad and Tobago, parang came to mean the songs that were sung.
Parang is a popular folk music of Trinidad and Tobago and is traditionally performed around Christmas time, when singers and instrumentalists (collectively known as the parrandero) travel from house to house in the community, often joined by friends, family and neighbours using whatever instruments are at hand or similarly things that can be used as instruments (e.g. glass bottles and spoons).
Now, the original expression in Spanish that the word parranda was used in, was ‘andar de parranda’, which in modern Trinidadian vernacular is ‘to go paranging’, meaning not only merrymaking in the original sense, but also ‘liming’ or enjoying oneself, with or without music, moving from place to place with no time limit in mind. This tradition is done mainly late at night, where part of the fun was waking the inhabitants of the household from their beds. In exchange for the entertainment, parranderos are traditionally given traditional Christmas food and drink: pastelle, sorrel, rum and ponche crema (a form of alcoholic eggnog).
While traditional house-to-house caroling (or paranging) is still practised by some small groups (done mostly on Christmas Eve) and larger organized groups, modern parang music has also developed a season of staged performances called Parang fiestas, held from October through to January each year, culminating in a National Parang competition organized by the National Parang Association of Trinidad and Tobago (NPATT).
Parang is a great part of our Christmas ritual and has carried it’s own culture with it. Parang now encompasses specific music, instruments, food, dance and even dress. I’d love to go Paranging (as in the competition) to see the groups compete. Though, it doesn’t carry a competitive air, it simply seems like one big lime. So this Christmas season, I’m going to make it my duty to attend a Parang session in one of the few areas that still host this event! It’s high time I experience this first-hand. It should be great!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Half-Moons, Ruffians, and Stilettos!

Hey Glories!

I have A LOT of red polishes!  Well, not a lot a lot, but out of all the colors in my collection I have more reds than anything else.  Not only is it one of my favorite colors, but I think red nails are so classic and sexy.  China Glaze's Phat Santa is my new favorite red.  Before it was OPI's Malaga Wine, which is very similar, just a tad bit darker.  Hmm, idea!  I just may swatch all of my reds for a blog entry one of these days *wheels turning* anyway, the consistency was great (fluid with a lovely glossy shine), much better than Jolly Holly (the green) which came along in the set and needed some nail polish thinner.

No Flash // With Flash
(I was a bit sloppy with the application)

Lately, I've been rocking very plain one color manicures, which is very unlike me.  Usually if I do one color manicures, I do a different color on my ring finger, but when I've attempted that recently, I end up taking it off and keeping it all one color.  Gosh!  I hope this doesn't mean I'm getting old and my tastes are getting old along wit me!  Yikes!  Anyway, I wanted something different, but nothing too out of the ordinary, so I decided to attempt a Half-Moon Manicure.

I attempted to freehand it first, which wasn't too working out.  I dug up in my nail draw and found some French Manicure Template's to use to get a sharper line.  I think they were too old (no stick) and not round enough, because they didn't help.. AT ALL!  I ended up free handing it anyway, not once realizing maybe I should use a detailing brush to make my life easier.  By the time I was done, there was silver polish (this is my favorite silver btw) all over my cuticles and fingers, which drives me crazy.  After I removed the excess polish, it looked pretty good, but I need to invest in some more templates to help me next time.

This 1950's vintage style manicure was resurrected and popularized a couple of seasons ago by Dita Von Teese.  It's usually done with leaving a space, so essentially the half-moon is bare nail and the rest is polish.  But of course, you can use two colors as I and others have done.

Next, I'm attempting a Ruffian Manicure, which looks MUCH EASIER, but again, I need French Manicure Templates to get that clean line.
I'm also thinking about converting my square tips to stiletto tips, which seems to be in right now...
Ent, Ri-Ri?


F.Y.I.  I'm very pleased with both the holiday sets I bought from China Glaze.  Great must-have colors that I will use over and over again!  No bad money spent!