Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby Making Time!

Hey G's,

I've finally started working on my baby: my portfolio!  As I've mentioned before, I'm very interested in photography and like to consider myself an amateur photographer.  I'm ONE bad ass chick armed with ONE lens, NO equipment, and a vision!  It's just me and my Camie!  That being said, I decided to take my portfolio shots into my own hands.  My favorite model, Shawntelle Syriac, came over the other day and we had some photo shoot fun!  I did three looks on Shawntelle and we took 3 sets of photos.

I'll be the first to say in my Bruce Paddington voice (he was my Intro to Photography lecturer) that "some of these photos are a bit soft in the eyes and face."  Other than that, I love em.  Shawnie was an awesome model to work with.  Her poses were on point, she came prepared with outfits, sat still as I perfected and tweaked, and not to mention, she's gorgeous!  Below are 3 shots from each of the 3 sets.  I couldn't pick favorites, but these come close!

To view the rest of the sets, check out my FB page: My Portfolio: Glitz & Glamour

I did the do too! It's supposed to be like a curly faux mohawk.  I like how it turned out.


P.S.  Who will my next model be? Volunteers?


  1. i love it.. one day i can be ur model =]

  2. You did really good with everything. i'm impressed. Maybe you can be my photographer one day :)

  3. thanks.. sure thing!
    you wudn't believe how many ppl askin me to take their pics.. do i decided to add it to my price list.. we'll c how it goes


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