Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas Etcetera: Acceptance

Hey Glories,

I know, your like "Why the heck she still doin Christmas articles?!," but I promise, this is the last.  I'm really having a hard time letting go, because Christmas is my favorite holiday.  That hasn't always been the case, I've spent many a boring Christmas in New York, never really looking forward to it as I anticipated the disappointment that never failed to come.  But, thankfully Christmas 2010 has been a blow mind experience.  From decorating to my Dutch (Potluck) Party, everything has been magical.  I believe the tradition is to put up the Christmas tree on December 6th and to take it down on January 6th.  My tree went up on time, but stayed up long after January 6th.  Partly because of laziness, but mostly because I didn't want to accept that Christmas was over.  All the preparation and baking and organizing and paranging.. done.  Fin. Finito.  Hasta luego.  Adios.  Arrivederci.  With a little bit of Dale's coaxing, I finally decided to sit down one sad day with one last glass of Punche-de-creme (alcoholic Nadia, very much alcoholic) and start un-decorating.

My Christmas Ham (first year making it).

It's suppose to look like mistletoe.

I decorated the wreath myself.

I decorated the hutch and t.v. stand with these.

I even put the ribbon around the freezer door handle.

My stocking and Froggie.

Dale's stocking and Piggie.

Our beautiful Christmas Tree.  I experimented with a prolonged shutter speed here and I love the twinkles I got from the lights!

Purple: My favorite color.
Green: Dale's favorite color.
See?  Compromise is beautiful after all!

Presents under the tree.

These are my most dearest ornaments on the tree:
The sparkle on these glittered-down snowflakes as the light catches them was mesmerising.

The rainbow effect you get with these iridescent bulbs will go with any tree decor.

Kiss me Kermie!  Her arm broke off last year Christmas.  Tragic, but she's better now.

Santa Kerms.

A very special ornament from a very special person.

That last glass of Punche-de-creme.  Cheers to acceptance!

Sayonara Christmas!  Until next year...



  1. Haha. I was telling my mom today that I can't wait for Christmas this year! lol Our tree is still up (i'm in denial) lol....but yes...I know how you feel

  2. i love Christmas to...i am so jealous of ur wreath great job my Christmas tree still up but due to girl there are only 2times u won't be served alcohol by me is during Lent and I do Advent season that's my time to fast from temptation not done by force but by will...after that bring the alcoholic beverages...hummm feeling fuh sum tequila shots now bring sum

  3. woop woop jinz! keep that tree up girl!

    lol nadia, i hear ya.. i do the same

  4. Marsha is this in Trinidad,lol....soooo BEAUTIFUL!...nice pics!

  5. thanks honey! yes trini.. all trini.. trini tree, trini decorations etc.


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