Thursday, January 6, 2011

Half-Moons, Ruffians, and Stilettos!

Hey Glories!

I have A LOT of red polishes!  Well, not a lot a lot, but out of all the colors in my collection I have more reds than anything else.  Not only is it one of my favorite colors, but I think red nails are so classic and sexy.  China Glaze's Phat Santa is my new favorite red.  Before it was OPI's Malaga Wine, which is very similar, just a tad bit darker.  Hmm, idea!  I just may swatch all of my reds for a blog entry one of these days *wheels turning* anyway, the consistency was great (fluid with a lovely glossy shine), much better than Jolly Holly (the green) which came along in the set and needed some nail polish thinner.

No Flash // With Flash
(I was a bit sloppy with the application)

Lately, I've been rocking very plain one color manicures, which is very unlike me.  Usually if I do one color manicures, I do a different color on my ring finger, but when I've attempted that recently, I end up taking it off and keeping it all one color.  Gosh!  I hope this doesn't mean I'm getting old and my tastes are getting old along wit me!  Yikes!  Anyway, I wanted something different, but nothing too out of the ordinary, so I decided to attempt a Half-Moon Manicure.

I attempted to freehand it first, which wasn't too working out.  I dug up in my nail draw and found some French Manicure Template's to use to get a sharper line.  I think they were too old (no stick) and not round enough, because they didn't help.. AT ALL!  I ended up free handing it anyway, not once realizing maybe I should use a detailing brush to make my life easier.  By the time I was done, there was silver polish (this is my favorite silver btw) all over my cuticles and fingers, which drives me crazy.  After I removed the excess polish, it looked pretty good, but I need to invest in some more templates to help me next time.

This 1950's vintage style manicure was resurrected and popularized a couple of seasons ago by Dita Von Teese.  It's usually done with leaving a space, so essentially the half-moon is bare nail and the rest is polish.  But of course, you can use two colors as I and others have done.

Next, I'm attempting a Ruffian Manicure, which looks MUCH EASIER, but again, I need French Manicure Templates to get that clean line.
I'm also thinking about converting my square tips to stiletto tips, which seems to be in right now...
Ent, Ri-Ri?


F.Y.I.  I'm very pleased with both the holiday sets I bought from China Glaze.  Great must-have colors that I will use over and over again!  No bad money spent!


  1. well I have been delinquent in my blog commenting:( love red but I find that my hands are to dark for them, they look okish on my fav. red is Sally Hanson's resilient red....u did that free hand (pic on fb)...what a sturdy hand u've got. the Russian manicure looks interesting:) personally I don't like the pointy nails, reminds me of sabertooth form x-men:o
    great blog keep it beauty life depends on it:)

  2. thanks tsahi

    yes nadia yu have been! thank you very much!
    so what's yur fav color to wear on yur nails?
    lol i can see how, but i'm gonna go for a more almond shape.. a bit more rounded

  3. for my toes i experiment with the bright colours, I inherited a set of cover girl nail slicks with built in top coat, and I do some art there or just wear them to the max...for my nails I were lighter colors like mabelline express finish in sheer Chrystal, sally Hanson's violet opal,uplifting lavender, grape expectations to name a few, and Arista's bare shimmer:)...some times I go bold like right now I'm feeling daring like some red tips:O


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