Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Haulidays.. to me.. again!

Hey Glory folks,

Err.. so I made another trip to Wonderful World.. if I had a card, the amount of points I would have rack up already eh!  Chups!

I picked up the Cheers to You China Glaze set with a soft gold color called Midnight Kiss, a lovely silver color called Cheers to You, and a shot glass that I've christened already =]

I went to only get that, but at the counter I spotted a duo chrome kinda color called Galaxy Girl by Orly from their Cosmic FX Collection and I bought that as well.  After looking at the collection online, I think Space Cadet would have been more my color, but I don't remember if they have that one nor am I going back to find out!


P.S.  As usual, swatches will come when I wear the colors.


  1. i received the entire ORLY Cosmic FX collection from Orly =] ..the colours are fab,i would do swatches soon.. Happy New Year

  2. Marsha I got my WW card during the holidays at the Fredrick St branc, POS..I don't know if they still have though it costs $5...can you plz tell me which WW you got the China Glaze set bcuz I saw it at West Mall but it was all gone when I went back

  3. sounds good Niika.. Happy New Year to you as well

    Risha.. i bought mine at Trincity.. there was like 3 more left at that point


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