Monday, January 17, 2011

Island Hiker: Double River Falls

Hey Glorious Ones,

Yesterday, Dale and I went hiking with Island Hikers for the 2nd time.  We get periodical e-mails about upcoming hikes and I haven't been on any since my first experience last year Easter vacay.  Island Hikers has a rating system that forewarns tentative hikers of the difficulty level.  I must say, their rating system is taaaad bit distorted.  I want to know designates the rating for each hike and I wanna have a serious talk with that person!  This hike was rated 2 Easy (family hike) and that was a damn lie!  I was going to bring my mother and badly out of shape cousin on this hike, but they both would NOT have been able to make it.  The hike was short compared the a rated 4 hike I experienced the first time, but the mud and inclines and heights made it difficult for me.  The trail was extremely muddy, causing me and many others to slip, slide, and sink!  The final leg, just before the waterfall takes you up a sharp incline and apart from the fact that I'm not a good climber, I'm not too fond of heights.  I wouldn't go so far to say I have a phobia.. well, maybe an acute phobia, because I get freaked just waiting on the platform for the train in NY when I get too close to the edge.  Needless to say, my heart was palpitating on the way up as I was praying I wouldn't slip and fall to my untimely death or possibly severely injure myself, like fracture a rib or break a leg or some other important body part.  Just after the sharp incline is a steep plunge.  We actually had to use rope to get down.. really scary business.  In the video, you can hear people screaming........

The description I got in my inbox was something out of a tourism book, eg: "This pristine landscape with streams flowing from some of Trinidad's highest mountain ranges of El Cerro Del Aripo and Mt. Bleu can boast of having eleven waterfalls."  I also wanna have a talk with the person who writes this stuff and pat them on the back!  Their descriptive words make my imagination run wild and I always end up picturing it to be more grandiose than it ever really turns out to be.  That isn't to say that it isn't a "pristine landscape with streams flowing," it's just that it never looks the way I picture it.  Maybe I just have a fervid imagination or maybe the power of descriptive words is really just that compelling.  Either way, the landscape is breathtaking beautiful, not that I paid much attention to it.  I was too busy looking at the ground, making sure I didn't loose my footing, to really take it in, except during the rare moments when the group came to a standstill.  Ask me what the trail looked like and I can give you vivid details!

There was about 120 people on this hike, a bigger group than the last time, but I must say, they were much more friendlier this time around.  The first time I went, people sort of just stuck to their own cliques and whoever they came with.  This time around, people were much more talkative, helpful, and friendly.  The girl in front of me offered a helping hand countless times and I met a Filipino guy while sitting under the waterfall.   Not everyone went in the water, but those people really missed out!  All together, it was a life changing experience and I exaggerate not.  The waterfall was gloriously majestic and that trip put a lot of things in perspective for me.  If they ever revisit Twin River falls, I'd definitely go again.

Would I hike with Island Hikers again?  Yes, and for 4 reasons:
  1. I don't know any other hiking group to go with except UWI's.
  2. UWI's hiking group has been corrupted.
  3. I enjoy hiking, because it allows me to surpass my girly-girl limits and accomplish things I wouldn't normally attempt on my own or have ever had experience with.  I even did a belly flop off the side of the cliff!!!
  4. I'm slowly becoming more familiar with the Hike Leaders and for the most part, they're fun, helpful, and down to earth (they better be, their hikers! Haha, get it?) with the exception of one rotten seed that I encountered.
I've posted the footage from my trip on YT as a segment I like to call "D Beautiful Life."  Anyone interested in hiking, lets go together and have some fun.. just as long as it's a 1-4 rating, because I'm not fit enough for anything higher than that.  If you haven't hiked before, I highly suggest you do try it.  At the completion of which, you'll be a changed person.  You would have accomplished something worth accomplishing, possibly something you never dreamt you could do.

If interested, contact Mario: 749-2956 or email them at to join their mailing list.


P.S.  Now, I'm really excited to get some cute hiking gear!


  1. Cyah go quite brasso seco n not eat ah pastel!!!! lol .......good times........D Beautiful Life Indeed :)

  2. Can't wait for out next hiking adventure!

  3. u guys looked like u had a great Dale's we love to hike hear sum of our adventures..
    Hike 1 maracas waterfall....on way up horriable leg cramp....fell on the way down have an ugly battle scar:(
    Hike 2 Edith falls....on way up a baby Mappire crossed my path...when we reach down hter was a golf ball lodged in our van's windshield...ouch
    no one fessed up:( didn't hike since;(


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