Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lacquerazzi // Double Layered Goodness!

Hello Glories!

I remember back when I was 18-19 or so, I used to get my nails done religiously like every 1-2 weeks.  I'm talking about mani's, pedi's, tips, silk wraps.. you name it!  I would even go in just to get a color change; something I could have very well done myself.  Now I have more sense (hopefully) and I do my own manicures.  Notice I didn't say pedicures.  My feet are in a hot mess, but alas I can't reach, so I don't bother!

Anyway, back to the story.  Me and my bestie at the time used to try different places in hopes of finding consistent nail lady to go to, similarly to my futile search for a hair lady.  One day, we came across a small nail salon around my neighborhood.  I've noticed it before, but I never paid it any mind, because I was used to going to the places with countless employees and an abundance of nail stations and pedicure tubs and things like that.  This salon had one little Asian lady.  She had 3 stations, which to this day I can't understand why, because she was  ONE.  SOLO.  BY HERSELF.  My friend suggested we try her out to which she got a outraged reaction of "Vicki?  What kind of name is Vicki's for a nail place?!?  She clearly doesn't know what she's doing!"  But, we went in anyway and tried her out despite my obvious reservations and verbal protests.

Turns out Ms. Vicki was pretty good.  The only problem was we could never get our nails done together, since she was a solo act.  It was time consuming and it kinda took the fun out of it.  There was a mysterious "other employee" we kept hearing about, but we never saw her.  Urban legend.  So, to the point of my little memory lane tale:  Vicki had a thing for layering nail polishes.  None of the 1021348743 nail places I've been to before her have ever done that.  Sounds simple enough, but I don't know why I never thought about doing it Pre-Vicki.  Layering polishes comes in handy when you want to 1. create a unique color or 2. when your dealing with sheer polishes that need 2394813298 coats to show up.

But enough talking, the photos shall demonstrate:

China Glaze // Jolly Holly (Christmas Collection)
NO flash // WITH flash
Dark forest green, slightly metallic.

Sinful Colors // San Fransisco (Solo 2x)
WITH flash // NO flash
Sparkley emerald green, sheer.

China Glaze // Jolly Holly (Base)
Sinful Colors // San Francisco (Top)
NO flash // WITH flash
Beautiful deep emerald green, sparkles like the actual jewel, not that I know how an actual emerald would sparkle, (it's just an educated guess) but it sure does dazzle the eyes.

Sinful Colors // Neon Melon (Solo 2x)
WITH flash // NO flash
Dries matte for some odd reason.  Looks like toxic mucus.

Sinful Colors // Neon Melon (Base)
ELF // White (Top)
NO flash // WITH flash
Looks really yellow in the photo, but trust me when I say it's a bright highlighter yellow.  The only danger is in the white base.  If it goes on splotchy, the yellow will look uneven as well. 

China Glaze // VIII (X Collection)
KleanColor // Mermaid
Sinful Colors // Pearl Harbor 
(L - R)

KleanColor // Mermaid (Solo 2x)
WITH flash // NO flash
Pretty pearlized duo chrome blueish purplish, somewhat sheer.

ELF // White (Base)
KleanColor // Mermaid (Top)
WITH flash // NO flash
Ideal bridal color.  The picture doesn't do this any justice, because I would seriously wear this on my wedding day.  As it catches the light, it reflects the blue & purple tones and looks absolutely radiant.

China Glaze // VIII (Base)
KleanColor // Mermaid (Top)
China Glaze // Pearl Harbor (Ring Finger)
Gorgeous pearlized sea foam green color.  To prevent the dark base polish from peeking through on the sides, you can paint it on a smaller space on the nail bed.  This way when you paint the top layer over, you can bring it out further and completely cover the base.  I personally thing the dark edges gives it a nice dimension.  The glitter polish is breathtaking over dark polishes as well.  It reflects royal blue and teal glitters in the light.

Happy Layering folks!



  1. great blog as usuall....loving that yellow....toxic mucus fuh real....mermaid is my kind of colour light and mild:)

  2. its so much prettier in person.. i want some sneakers that color lol

    yea mermaid is gorgeous in a subtle way


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