Friday, January 14, 2011

Wedding Crashing: Seema & Shane

Hey Glories,

I recently went to my first wedding of the new year.  Naturally, I didn't know the bride nor the groom, so we can safely say another episode of Wedding Crashers has been posted on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.  This was actually the reception and the hall was beautiful.  The decorations were really lovely, I mean hello!  The color scheme included purple!  Why wouldn't it be lovely?  I had an okay time, Dale didn't wanna dance so we kind of sat the entire night.  The food was yummy and they had an *open bar* (oh yea!), but I'm seriously watching my calorie intake so I didn't really indulge.  I loooove weddings.  It's a celebration of love and I always manage to tear up, at every single wedding I attend, even if I don't know the couple personally.  And weddings are great for people watching!  Everyone is all decked out and on their best social behavior, I love it!


the beautiful bride and her father

back of the dress

check out these handsome guys!
BB pics:


the cutest couple that attended


P.S.  Congratulations to Seema & Shane (even though you don't know me), I wish you a very happy and healthy life together!!


  1. thanks, it was fun.. but everyone geh sick after cuz the AC was on full blast! lol

  2. girl u make me wanna get married again....beautiful bride, great deco...the singer was hilarious, dancer was energetic....groom...that guy looked vex...cud be when is ur turn....let me kno I'll do the blog entry

  3. lol weddings are so romantical!.. yes the groom wasn't smiling.. some guys hate the formalities and I think he might be one of them

    oh nadia.. my turn will be in about 3 years =]


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