Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stiletto Nails.. Well, Kinda!

Hey Glory Gals,

Long time no entry!  School busting my chops all yuh and I'm trying to stay on top of everything, but unfortunately I've been neglecting Aesthetic Glory.  I have to find a way to incorporate it into my daily repertoire, because it's just as important to me as school.  I'm just really not the type to burn the midnight oil.  I like my sleep and without it I'm one cranky cat in the morning.  I'm talking about miserable!  I won't want to do anything and I'll just complain all day about how tired I am.  The other day Dale left wicked early in the morning, so I say okay, let me get up early too and start my work.  I was sleepy by lunchtime and couldn't find d energy to do anything!

I recently visited one of my lecturers Art Studio's in El Socorro and she and her team are building a Carnival King Costume.  Lord Fadda,  I thought I had it hard!  I went for a 2nd visit last night around 11pm and they were still working.  Her Hubby told me they finished at 6am the day before!!! And she comes in to school normel, normel to teach.  Hopefully, I can learn to juggle all the aspects of my life sooner than later, but until then.. let's get to the blog entry:

I've been contemplating for a while to convert my square tips to stiletto for awhile.  Ideally, I think it's best to buy the press ons (if not get acrylics, but I can't stand how it thins your nails out), because you'll get a more symmetrically shape and sturdy nail, rather than filing it yourself.  But, I can't for the life of me find pointy tipped falsies in Trinidad.  So, one day I just catch a vaps and decide to file away.

I started out with my square tips.. I've been filing this way for YEARS!  I'm talking about since I was in Jr. High

Filing was taking too long, so I took the nail clipper and cut diagonally in on both sides.  If your going to try this, cut on a steeper diagonal as to get a pointier tip.  You'll see why in a second.

After filing, I achieved an oval shape, rather than a stiletto tip.  I kept founding out the tip by habit and my nails weren't long enough to accommodate the shape I wanted to achieve.

These are my nails with polish on.  It's only after I put on polish that I realized how oval they looked.

Since the dark polish allowed me to better see the shape, I used it as a guide to shape them a little pointier.  The key it to keep your nail file as a severe diagonal angle, as tempted or as accustomed you might be to keeping your file straight.  They still aren't long enough or pointy enough, but I'm getting there.

The idea is to achieve something like this, rather than.....

This!  I doh want to poke out mine or anybody else's eyes!

What y'all think about this new nail trend?


P.S.  Sorry for the shitty pics, as I said, I just catch a vaps, so I ended up using my BB to take the pics..

And please remember: imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring!


  1. These stiletto nails look really cool. I prefer the ones that look a little more natural and aren't covered in nail art. You have lovely nails by the way! I might just give these stiletto nails a try now.

  2. do you have any idea what color nail polish is on the first pic of stiletto nails? The light greyish blue color?


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