Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mission: Eat Right, Get Tight - Entry #2

Hey G's,

SO.. I've gained 5 lbs since my last entry.  Saddening.  Looking at the THEN and NOW questionnaire, it seems like fast food and lack of exercise are the culprits.  Over the weekend, I tried to make more of an effort to workout.  Do to the lack of Exercise TV and Fit TV (c'mon Flow, get up on it!), I've resorted to using YT vids. I've found quite a few good ones, but I do miss my 2 favorite exercise shows from Fit TV: Shimmy and Namaste Yoga.  I remember I bought VHS's to record Namaste Yoga on before I left New York, but I left it for the day I was leaving like the procrastinator I am and wasn't able to record much.  I sourced a Kate Potter (who is the teacher behind the Namaste Yoga TV series) DVD on Amazon, but I don't think its the actual show and the DVD cots $90 USD.  Kate mad.  I not paying that kind of money.  Hopefully, when I visit NY this summer, I can record some of my fav. shows to I wont have that as an excuse for not exercising.

I've been mostly doing yoga.  Not the best way to loose weight, since it doesn't incorporate too much cardio, but I need to do what I like or else I won't do it.  And I like Yoga.  Fortunately, there are some weight loss sequences out there.  The only sucky part is, they're pretty short, so I find myself combining a couple of videos.  On Friday, I did 3 video's in a row and I was dripping in sweat.  DRIPPING.  My yoga mat looked like it had been rained on.  My favorite sequences (weight loss and others) have been coming from Tara Stiles.  There are other practitioners out there, but I like her vibes.

I like belly dancing as well.  My favorite videos have been coming from Neena & Veena (they're belly dancing twins), but I find myself seeking out yoga sequences more.  I think it's because my big ole gut makes me feel unsexy and belly dancing is hella sexy, but hopefully I will defeat that self consciousness soon.  After all, it's not like anyone is watching!

I've come to realize that without school, I don't get any day to day foot work.  At least when I was in school, I was trudging around campus all day.  I'll have to put in extra workout time to makeup for the lack of movement and find everyday activities that keep me active (like cleaning up, ugh).

As for food, I'm still addicted to fast food, but I have improved on eating more frequently and not waiting for me to be hungry.  I'm trying to take advantage of all the fresh produce that's so readily available in Trinidad.  People in the states pay twice as much for organic and I have organic growing in my backyard!  I've been so busy complaining about how difficult it is to adapt a healthy eating lifestyle in Trinidad, but Trinidad has it's perks as well.  I just need to seek them out.

I've been re-reading Dr. Ian's book as you might have guessed from the last entry, I'm on the "goal setting" chapter, so expect an entry on that soon.  What I find myself doing a lot is saying "Today's my last day pigging out, I'll start eating better tomorrow" EVERY TIME I mess up and over eat.  It's been leading me to believe that I haven't actually started the process yet, which is BS.  Even though I mess up once in awhile, I need to realize that doesn't invalidate the fact that I've started the weight loss process.  Expect to mess up, but don't let that stop you!  Accept and over come.  Push on!



  1. Hey Marsha, I'm not exactly sure where you live but when I lived in Trini, I gave up the traditional gym route (I was bored) and started doing Kick-boxing and aerobics at Purple Dragon (they have a branch in Tunapuna and Barataria and somewhere else i think) and lost a ton of weight...of course I watched what i ate etc but the constant movement really helped. Check it out. The price wasn't bad either. i think it was 60TT a mth...and that was in 2009/2010

  2. Well, me and Dale started running around the savannah, but that started to get boring, so we're thinking about joining a gym instead. Only thing is, I need a gym that offer classes because the only machines i really enjoy using are the treadmill and elliptical. I miss Lucille Roberts!! Even though their hours sucked, I liked the classes!

    As for Purple Dragon, sounds like fun.. but transport is the issue for me =(

  3. I get you. I'm the same. I cyar do the treadmill thing on a daily basis nah. I do aerobics 4x a week with light weights....and the aerobics sessions are mixed because we do some tae bo and p90x sorta exercises....as for that Savannah...did it twice and never again. Spin classes are good too


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