Friday, October 7, 2011

Mission: Eat Right, Get Tight Entry #6

Yall, ah shame! I started using Sensa beginning of October.  My dad brought it down for me (think he's tryna hint something?) and it was featured in my New York haul video.  I wasn't too keen on using it.  In fact, I gave the whole set to my cousin and I dunno if she got scared cause I said I didn't want it, but she never used it either.  So, like the Indian Giver that I am, I took it back and still.. couldn't bring myself to using it.  I find the people in the DVD had a rel screw pan and the whole business about screwing with my 'senses' freaked me out.  Dale played guinea pig and started using it and everytime he weight himself, he boasting that he loosing.  Finally I gave in and started using it too.  It does not alter the taste of the food, which is a plus and so far I have lost a pound, so.. I guess we'll see.

I plan on joining UWI gym soon and running around campus in the night, since around the Savannah isn't save anymore.  So, hopefully the lbs will continue to shed.  I started at damn near 160lbs, but I just can't seem to cross 150lbs.  I keep fluctuating.  But, it's not to say I've been putting in any hard hours excercising, so I only have myself to blame.  I just wanna make it to 145lbs, and I feel maybe that will give me the extra push to do more, rather than just being sour about being at a standstill.

But, seriously I'm just ina rut these days.  I stopped yoga and mediation and spiritually I feel heavy.  Hopefully, I can remotivate myself and get active.  Lemme tell you, my days have been so preoccupied with school and picking up the pieces from this theft business, I haven't even watched the season finale of True Blood NOR the season premiere of Dexter.  Sad, I know.

Cheers to the freakin weekend peeps.  I'm spending mine with Gulliver's Travels, Henry V, Macbeth, and my Linguistics textbook.  Hope yours is more eventful than mine =)



  1. hey girl... i'm on the same spree.. but at least watch what you eat thats what i've been doing as i'm not finding time to go to the gym.. lost only 5lbs in september but i'm thanking God for small mercies lol..

  2. Keep at is Marsha. My mentality is that once you keeping going something will eventually happen. I won't even post my numbers here but I'd give anything to be 160 now lol. Good luck and I'll keep rooting for us both


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