Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Look #1 - Spin Me 'Round in D Staff Party

Season's Greetings Glories!

I wanted to have some type of schedule to when I would be posting holiday looks, but for those of you who know me... that wouldn't work out.  I do suggest you SUBSCRIBE to my YT channel for instant updates, because I'll be posting videos pretty randomly.

So, here is the first holiday look.  For my girls who like drama, don't worry, that's coming up later!  I guess I'm building my way up.. who knows, I guess we'll see as I go!

I don't usually list the products I used, because I don't think that's important at all!  You can always recreate a look with whatever you have, but in this instance I'll do swatches, since the colours aren't fully represented on my lid:

 Eden, OMG, Lightening - All available at Halener Rustique.

As mentioned in this video, this look is more geared towards 'work appropriate' and as a possible idea to wear to your job's staff party.  Rather than flat neutrals, I added some shimmery green to jazz it up and add a little sparkle, but kept it toned down with the matte brown in the crease.

You don't, of course, need to use greens.  You can use the same technique with a different colour, but just be careful with reds (I'll go into further details with that in my next video). If you wanna do greens, but don't have a green with such a strong golden undertone as OMG pigment, then use a gold instead.

I realize that having colour on the lid can limit your options for clothing, so you are in fact gonna replicate the look as is, then here are my thoughts on what you can wear with it:
  • Reds.  Green and red are opposites on the colour wheel, which means they looks great together.  And you'll definitely be sticking with the traditional holiday colour scheme with this option!
  • Purples.  Purple is a complimentary colour to green ont he colour wheel.  I'd opt for red-purples or darker plumy purples like these:
  •  Creams, whites, and blacks.  These colours practically go with anything.  Since all the eyeshadow have warmer golden tones, you might want to wear clothes with similar embellishments (gold buttons or threading).   I'd say match your accessories to whichever metallic colour you choose to wear in your clothes.  In the spirit of season, you might be able to pull off some silver.  it is also possible to mix metallics tastefully, so feel free to do that as well.
Orange also compliments greens, but I don't think that would match the aesthetic we're going for.  You might look rather psychedelic instead.  Now you don't have to take anything I say whole-sale; these are just some suggestions.  You can do and wear whatever you'd like, AS LONG AS YOUR COMFORTABLE.


P.S. I tried a new foundation here, tell me what you think!


  1. Lol i just love the title! This is a great look, very work appropriate yet still glamorous and keeping with the holiday theme. I would def wear this to a staff party (if I had a job :( lol)

  2. thanks baby cakes! that song does rel make me laugh hahah


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