Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Trends 2012

Spring is here!  Well, not in Trini, but say what? That eh nothing, we can still take a gander at what's trending and have a little fun with it. Some trends are more wearable than others and I'm going to be featuring both the dramatics and daring, as well as trends you can incorporate into your look for this season.  So keep checking back, I shall update this post as I go!

Spring Trend #1: Elegant Frizz
Who woulda thunk?  Frizzy hair is in?  Well, it's kinda of been "in" for awhile now, but it was more like the natural combed out afro kinda look.  This particular trend was featured Oscar de la Renta's Spring 2012 Collection.  His model's hair is crimped all the way to the root, unlike mine, due to the difference in techniques.  If you want yours like that, you'll have to you a crimper.

I rather like this trend and I think I'm gonna rock it more often.  I got some nice compliments the day I wore it to school and even the day after when it wasn't as crimp...y? My tutor for one of my classes didn't even recognize me:

Debbie: Is this the class you normally come to
Me: Yea.... why?
Debbie: *weird look*
Me: Miss, I presented last week!
Debbie: Yea I know, but you look different.
Rebecca: I think it's the hair.


  1. i love this look on you. on me it would be a hot mess but you totally rock this!

  2. Love it also! You look fabulous.
    (found your blog through a google search and decided to follow, have a look at my blog sometime soon and follow back if interested :)

  3. Very nice blogpost! love the hair!


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